Nicholas Gurney

Alpine Modern

Thredbo, NSW, Australia

Project Type
  • Commercial Hospitality
  • Thredbo, NSW, Australia
Interior Designers
Project Year
  • 2018
  • Monique Easton & Lean Timms

Nicholas Gurney brings his signature compact bespoke architecture to the ski slopes of Thredbo to create a thoughtfully crafted experience for the modern traveller.

Located on the west side of Thredbo’s central ski village, Alpine Modern is a cedar clad cabin on the banks of Thredbo River with uninterrupted views of Mount Kosciuszko. The project is a collaboration between designer Nicholas Gurney and photographer Monique Easton.

The design for Alpine Modern is a clever re-edit of the original Daryl Jackson Robin Dyke structure. The space is both raw and refined with vaulted ceilings, expressed timbers, blackened steel and a Japanese inspired tiled onsen.

The interior is Nordic in aesthetic and minimalist in design. Nicholas in collaboration with Monique wanted to craft a space that fit in with the beautiful surroundings. A large emphasis was placed on the development of a moody colour palette and the use of natural materials in construction.

The apartment’s colour palette is accented by light American oak on the ceiling and floors. The bathroom, clad in Italian stone, has underfloor heating and a walk-in shower.

Alpine Modern contains all the signature bespoke compact architecture associated with Nicholas Gurney’s work. An interesting aspect of the project was the collaboration between Nicholas and Monique Easton. The end result is phenomenal considering that Monique has no formal design training.

Ultimately Nicholas Gurney and Monique Easton have created a delightfully boutique space that ensures travellers will continue venturing to the ski fields of Thredbo in and out of snow season.

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Monique Easton & Lean Timms

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