Recommended Designs

Plane Table designed and made by Fred Ganim. An Ebonised European Oak coffee table made for a private client.

Playa designed & made by Fred Ganim for PLAYA by Lucy Folk.

U Coffee Table designed & made by Fred Ganim. A private commission piece made from European oak timber.

The Kink Bench was designed & made by Fred Ganim in 2015. The piece is made from American Oak which has been blackened with a black Japanese stain.

Designed with the desire to facilitate meetings, interactions and communication between people while also providing a space for quiet work and conversations.

The Polar Desk Lamp utilises a unique magnetically attached arm to allow the disc to rotate around the body directing or shading light.

Completely precision-milled from aluminium and gold anodised, the Ora desk lamp features an adjustable shade thanks to a clever magnetic joint.

Oak is a solid FSC timber pendant light. Each light shade is hand crafted and defined by the grain of the oak selected.

The Carafe table responds to shifting conditions of the home by providing an attractive, adaptable work/entertaining surface with supple storage options.

The CP1 series were the first collaboration with Woodmark where we used injection-moulded foam over a solid timber structure.

The Kubrick series forms an exploration and reconsideration of 3D forms through the manipulation of 2D materials.

Influenced by Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics, the Coco is like a beautiful, heavy yo-yo at the end of its string, hanging in space with a silent poise.

The Bow Chair was developed on the rule of honest design to be true to the material and process of solid timber.

Strongly defined by its frame, a central stretcher rail made from folded stainless steel sections which connect to tapered blade legs with a disc shaped foot.

The Wes lounge was named after its delicate yet striking appearance, paying respect in name to director chief Wes Anderson.

The Parisi Table's hair-pin legs and tapering waist not only result in a distinctive silhouette, but are also the basis for its strength and timeless style.

The Mito lighting series was made to celebrate the natural beauty and character of raw materials.

The Glissando, as its name implies, visually imitates the drift from one musical tone to another. Only a limited edition of 12 are available.

Photographs which evocatively depict scattered signature Windsor Modern chairs designed by Bern Chandley titled The New Windsor.

An uneven pre-water creation followed by a vacuum-pressed leather covering on a Tasmanian Blackwood framework, with hand needlecraft.