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Tetsujin Emporium was designed by Melbourne-based Architects EAT. Photographed by Derek Swalwell.

A cafe design tailored for the “customer experience” with a palette balanced between raw and refined.

A modern structure along the entrance to the office tower above, it is based on the fundamental values of uniqueness, functionality and sophistication.

The project inspired an airy space exploiting the original infrastructure, turning its obstacles into opportunities.

A stunning cafe & restaurant interior located in the heart of Footscray. 8bit City was designed by Melbourne-based Architects EAT.

"St Hugo - simple yet refined, much like the wine making process" - studio -gram.

Mr. Goodbar by studio -gram; a nod to the old world, a smoky yet elegant bar drawing inspirations from the roots of blues and soul & all things New Orleans.

Level One, located in Adelaide, is designed by South Australian's studio -gram in collaboration with Crafty & Emma Sadie Thomas - completed in 2016.

Hotel Harry is a heritage listed hotel that sits proudly as the leader of Sydney's artistic heart and soul; Surry Hills.

Abbots & Kinney by studio -gram - a collaboration brought to life with Crafty (Dave Lawson) & Alex Hall.

This project draws inspiration from the surrounding nautical environment whilst responding to the existing classical architecture in a modern way.

Rather than going against the existing character of the house, Daniel Boddam decided to work with it, producing a masculine blend of modern Spanish luxury.

Following the principles of the InForm Retreat design, the house includes a double garage, four bedrooms and a lounge, as well as an open plan kitchen.

Paddington Residence by D.Boddam. Located in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs, this project features a designer kitchen & a marble-filled bathroom.

The building’s new intricate steel windows and honest expression of the timber trusses enhance the existing charm.

A concrete party wall extends the entire length of the townhouse, separating it from its neighbour and connecting the front entry to the garden.

This custom designed residence endeavours to create a kind of vigorous grandeur reminiscent of the surrounding picturesque houses.

This coastal holiday house is composed of a series of stepped pavilions reflecting the sites undulating topography.

This split level beach house includes three bedrooms and a lounge retreat on the lower level, and a large open plan living area and master bedroom.

A refined palette of white washed timber boards, and polished fresco walls are used to produce a sophisticated take on the traditional country home.

A large scale studio to accommodate spin, pilates, and yoga for The KX team. Featuring a large reception waiting area and extensive change room facilities.

The new office fit out sits within the existing warehouse space. The bold black insertion contains a discrete kitchen, bathroom fascinates, IT hub and storage.

Solids, voids and cantilevers break up the pure form of the house making it more tactile and dynamic, allowing natural light into the interior.

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