Recommended Interiors | ARCHIVES OF THE WORLD'S BEST Interior Design PROJECTS

The Rockley Gardens encompasses the detailing and aesthetic qualities of a bespoke residential project and is designed to navigate nature and artifice.

The Crisp House is an inspired redesign of an 1850s heritage cottage, which plays homage to the history of Collingwood.

This 1915 Wolloomooloo Finger Wharf residential space reflects a glamorous city pad, with an extraordinary harbour setting.

The Breeze Block House by Architect Prineas was redesigned for modern living, while maintaining the essence of its original charm.

The Pix Residence is a space which emanated happiness, natural light, and in some-way incubate a warming sense of gathering.

‘A Pavilion Between Trees’ by Branch Studio Architects - an addition to an existing 90’s dwelling for a client with a need for a new master en-suite.

Purposefully lo-fi, The Retreat embraces a low-tech aesthetic towards the operation of the building itself, fully embodying the idea of retreat & slowing down.

The brief for Branch Studio Architects, was to bring the house into the 21st century, while honouring its rich history & the people who made their lives there.

Raw yet sophisticated, the house provides calm spaces for living that engage with its occupants & re-considers the essentials of what’s needed in a family home.

The approach to the interiors of this project began with a subdued palette of dark timber floors and sandblasted oak joinery accentuated with clean whites.

This Mornington Peninsula hideaway by Harrison Interiors is an elevated 1970's homestead with a new lease on life.

The cool, monochromatic palette is styled with striking, masculine furniture, but the final layer offsets that fundamental theme with subdued oceanic tones.

Smallfry Seafood is an off-beat, inner city fish and chipper with a Japanese twist, bringing warmth and homeliness to a cold, concrete-filled environment.

Nestled within ranch land & surrounded by the majestic landscape of Rocky Mountains, this home creates a memorable experience for residents & visitors alike.


In this project by Whiting Architects, a suspended sculptural fireplace lends intimacy and warmth as counterpoint to expansive views out over the bay opposite.

A seventies penthouse with good volume, but poor in plan and section, presented a wonderful challenge for Whiting Architects.

A residential extension project for a young family of six set in the urban coastal environment of Brighton, Victoria.

Nestled within a tree-lined ravine, this impressive home is positioned within two distinct landscapes.

The residence preserves a strong minimalist aesthetic in dissimilarity to the warm palette of the natural stone and timber finishes.

A modular hotel which was manufactured totally offshore & transported to its home site in Perth, a process that drastically reduced the cost of construction.

Larritt-Evans have added their own touch of creativity to St. Martin’s Cafe in Brighton juxtaposing a neutral palette with locally sourced timber furniture.