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Located on the west side of Thredbo’s central ski village, Alpine Modern is a cedar clad cabin on the banks of Thredbo River with uninterrupted views of Mount Kosciuszko.

Designed by Melbourne-based Hayne Wadley Architecture; photographed By Rhiannon Slatter.

Stepping inside this realm generates a hybrid of sensations, inspiring a long-lasting impression.

An amalgamation of a fabric regeneration and a new iconic extension, elevating the aesthetic appeal of the campus.

Designed by Melbourne-based Antony McPhee Architect; photographed by Rhiannon Slatter.

Designed by Melbourne-based Neil Architecture; photographed By Rhiannon Slatter

A carefully crafted form, generating a dynamic, atmospheric moment, denying the spaces small dimensions.

A holiday house, comprising 3 parallel, horizontal sections to maximize stunning bay views.

Designed by Melbourne-based architect Rothelowman; photographed By Rhiannon Slatter

If South Yarra is Melbourne’s most prestigious location, then Claremont Street is the city’s most exclusive address - at the heart of it all is Yarra One.

Considered the jewel in the crown of Perth’s evolving Elizabeth Quay Development, Isle of Voyage is an amalgamation of a heritage icon.

Designed for a semi-retired couple, this 3-bedroom house provides a private haven to entertain guests that engages with the surrounding trees & bay views.

In this project by Architecton, a feature exterior facade compliments the minimalistic and contemporary interior creating a house to remember.

A masterpiece of polished concrete, rammed earth and Italian Dolomite natural stone, this home is all about beautiful finishes.

Each iKOU product is finely crafted, painstakingly sourced and lovingly put together. This ethos was at the heart of the design process.

MMAD Architecture were asked to transform this Mid-Victorian terrace house with a simple brief of 'more light, flexibility in spaces & make the old house sing'.

The new Concept Build Offices in Box Hill, designed by Nixon Tulloch Fortey and photographed by Jack Lovel.

This project included a renovation to an existing Victorian terrace house, in which a Scandinavian palette was drawn upon for the finishes & materials.

In this project by Workroom, a timber battened exterior and marble-filled interior come together to create an intimate and sophisticated space.

Designed by Melbourne-based Idle Architecture Studio; photographed by Rhiannon Slatter.

A paradigm shift for suburban developments; a schism into three angular building forms generating dynamic movement.

Photographs which evocatively depict scattered signature Windsor Modern chairs designed by Bern Chandley titled The New Windsor.

Jeremy Wright photographs the stunning architecture of Locthian St townhouses, designed by Freadman White Architects.

Jeremy Wright captures Freadman White's architectural design of the bold family centred Hoddle St House.

The development of a facade iterating the dimensions of a tree, so the building becomes apart of the backyard itself.

Designed by Melbourne-based Plus Architecture; photographed By Rhiannon Slatter

Zimmermann Chadstone built by Melbourne-based Krueger Shopfitters; photographed by Rhiannon Slatter.

Designed by Melbourne-based MGS Architects; photographed by Rhiannon Slatter.

An amalgamation of community facilities with a particular focus surrounding the activities and support programs for young people.

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