The Local Project



The Labertouche House by Emily Armstrong Architects is a new, sustainable, rural residence for a family of six with the look and feel of a homestead.

The Seidler Home is a residential architecture project like no other. The home was designed and built by Seidler Group and is located on a beach in Port Melbourne, Victoria.

Park Life by Nest Architects is a renovation to an old Edwardian House where the distinction between new and old has become blurred.

The design brief for the San Remo Project by Ecoliv Sustainable Buildings stipulated a holiday home that was unashamedly bold and striking in contrast to the baron surrounds of the land.

The Cossgriff House Project by Christopher Polly Architect is a substantial lower ground room that has been inserted under the original fabric, harnessing the fall in the site towards the rear.

The Wentworth House by MHN Design Union is located on the southern ridges of Sydney Harbour at the crest of a gully which feeds into Vaucluse Bay.

The Lincoln House by Kreis Grennan Architecture was a dark one-storey terrace transformed into a generous three storey home that contains a welcoming open space for the family.

A well thought out modern Australian architectural design of sustainability and comfort in Melbourne.

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