Mountford Architects

Bartram Road

Western Australia

From The Architect

Project Type
  • Residential
  • Western Australia
Project Year
  • 2018
  • Stephen Nicholls
  • Mosman Bay Luxury Homes

From The Architect

With a florist and an engineer commissioning this stunning new home project, the design had to bring together two diverse residential living concepts: a combination of natural splendour and modern functionality. To achieve this balance, the owners asked Mountford Architects to create a thoughtfully designed home that would provide well-considered, well-appointed shelter to accommodate their rural lifestyle. “The design transplants the functional geometry of the European farm quadrangle to the new house while still enjoying its West Australian bush setting” “The interior spaces are set up to reflect the play of light, shadow and abstractions of the West Australian bush as the sun’s arc projects them across interior walls”.

Bartram Road by Mountford Architects is nominated for the 2019 Western Australian Architecture Awards – for more information on award-nominated project and the awards night held on the 28th of June, please visit the Western Australian Architecture Awards website.

Stephen Nicholls

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