Bluestone Terrace Pavillion | Altereco Design
Williamstown, VIC, Australia

Rebecca Wilkinson

Nikole Ramsay

  • Williamstown, VIC, Australia
Project Year
  • 2016
  • Nikole Ramsay

A simple pavilion structure in a well-established garden setting.

Working with an existing 1880s Bluestone Terrace house in Williamstown, Victoria, designers Altereco Design created a modern space for daily living, which appreciated and enjoyed its connection with a well-established landscaped backyard.

Preserving and celebrating the original Bluestone of this heritage property was the main focal point of design of this house.

To create minimal contact and impact on the Bluestone wall, designers created a small incision in the existing brickwork, in order to create a door portal between the old and the new.

No air conditioning has been installed, which is pretty impressive, considering the amount of glass incorporated into the new design of this heritage property.

However, due to the house being located close to the sea, designers installed north facing double sash windows, which have been fixed directly to the solid timber posts throughout, eliminating the need for any additional framework, and also provides excellent ventilation of the local sea breeze throughout each space – cooling the house naturally, without the need of an air conditioner.

These windows also allow an abundance of natural light to stream throughout the house, reducing the need for always needing light on – especially in the day.

Surrounded by its well-established garden, this heritage property has been renewed with a new life, leaving a lasting impression of what can be done with modern architectural designs in preserving historical homes in Australia.

Photography by Nikole Ramsay

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Nikole Ramsay