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Building Blocks For The Living Room

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Jessica Eva

That time of year is fast approaching that our attention turns to entertaining and what better opportunity to prepare your living spaces for upcoming seasonal gatherings. A strong foundation of carefully selected, well designed furniture pieces lay the base for a timeless and effortlessly stylish space. Here we have gathered our current favourites and best tips for selecting design forward living room essentials for the main hub of your home.

It’s a bit of a no-brainer that the key piece in your living space is obviously your couch although it can be hard to narrow down the endless options. Materials are key, look for a solid timber frame and a tactile material, comfortable yet maintainable fabrics or soft leathers. A deep seat is perfect for nestling in at the end of a long day or providing an inviting setting to gather guests.

Our current favourite is the Dreamer Velvet Couch by Pop and Scott, which we love for it’s sustainably sourced solid Victorian Ash frame and statement making velvet upholstery. Bringing together a sturdy make and pared back design along with a bright and inviting “pop” of statement colour that can easily be re-styled over the years as tastes change.

Local Interior Product Design P&s Dreamer Couch Created By Pop And Scott

Pictured Above Dreamer Velvet Couch by Pop and Scott.

Visually this piece might not command as much attention as your sofa but don’t miss out on the opportunity to make a statement with your coffee table. Use this piece to accentuate features referenced in your soft furnishings in an exaggerated way for example dramatic curves or strict geometric lines. As this is one of the key hard surfaced objects in the room don’t be afraid to select something more remarkable.

A nest style such as Ross Gardam’s Noon Table Collection is a sophisticated yet practical solution, allowing flexibility for entertaining or simply sharing amongst the family. The striking material compositions of this design lend an unexpected twist on the simple rounded forms.

Local Interior Home Product Design Noon Coffee Table Created By Ross Gardem
Ross Gardam - Noon Collection - Feature Product - Australian Design - Image 2

Pictured Above Noon Table Collection By Ross Gardam. Photographed by Hayd Cattach.

Your sofa’s partner in crime, a statement armchair is a great way of experimenting with more daring forms and design details. With the sense of less commitment than a larger ticket item like a sofa, feel free to lend a bit more flair to this piece and opt for a complimentary design that accentuates your design style. Designed by Adam Goodrum for CULT & NAU, the Fat Tulip Armchair exaggerates form and curvature to add a sense of drama yet is simple enough in concept to instil it as a classic.

Fat Tulip by Adam Goodrum - CULT Design - The Local Project Feature Article
Local Home Interior Product Design Fat Tulip Armchair By Cult Design

Pictured Above Fat Tulip Armchair Designed by Adam Goodrum for CULT & NAU.

Mood lighting will set the tone for winding down at the end of a long day or for social soirees that shift into night-time. A standing lamp is the best solution for the living room as by reducing the size of the light source and moving it closer to seating level it creates a sense of intimacy.

Look for minimal lines and timeless references for design classics. We love the Line Floor Lamp by Douglas & Bec for its chic combination of smooth rounded edges and sharp straight lines. Whilst highly minimal it still maintains a softness and elegance in it’s refined aesthetic.

Local Product Design Line Collection Floor Lamp By Douglas & Bec

Pictured Above Line Light Collection By Douglas & Bec.

No living room is complete without a plush rug to add a layer of warmth and unite furniture pieces. The biggest trick of the trade when it comes to creating a sense of luxury is going as large as possible with your rug, even for a smaller space. Whilst it may seem counter intuitive your eyes will read the size of the rug before the size of room therefore making the space seem larger.

Our favourite Australian rugs are from Designer Rugs. We love their 100% handmade rug designs which are all made from sustainably sourced natural materials. Our top pick is the Diamond Velour from their In-House Collection, a combination of high and low pile ensuring longevity in a high traffic space. The 100% New Zealand wool composition and light colouring will lend a sense of warmth and coziness to your space.

Diamond Velour - Designer Rugs - The Local Project Feature Article

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