Clayfield House
Alexandra Buchanan Architecture
Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Photography Toby Scott
Project Specification
Project Name: Clayfield House
Project Type: Residential ,
Location: Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Area: 390m2 ,
Project Year: 2018 ,
Photographer: Toby Scott

Alexandra Buchanan Architecture introduce a contemporary flavour to the traditional ‘Queenslander’ in the Brisbane suburb of Clayfield.

The renovation and extension of Clayfield House introduces a bevy of beautiful contemporary spaces to an historic Brisbane residence. The interior has been cleverly re-ordered to give the social spaces of the home, particularly the kitchen, dining and sitting room, a garden outlook and an adjacency to a new outdoor room positioned at the back of the house.

A Garden Outlook And An Adjacency To A New Outdoor Room Positioned At The Back Of The House

The brief was to be considerate to the existing traditional Queenslander home whilst seeking to remediate some past renovation misdemeanours. The client, a busy family of six, wanted Alexandra Buchanan and her team to try and make sense of the spaces.

Between The Lawn And Raised Deck

“We engaged Alex and her team to open up the back of our house (a Queenslander) and redesign the use of spaces internally. The spaces are fantastic and suit our family perfectly.”

Creating A Striking Enclosure Forged In Dark Stained Timber

The outdoor room defines the rear elevation, creating a striking enclosure forged in dark stained timber. Between the lawn and raised deck, timber terraces create a playful edge and an informal sitting area that invites occupation of the garden. Pivoting screens manage privacy and shade to the sides whilst contributing to its visually animated form.

Introduces A Suite Of Contemporary Spaces To An Historic Brisbane Residence

“Alex engages in your specific requirements and style to deliver a home specifically for you rather than a style of her own.”

Key To The Project’s Success Is The Way Interior Rooms And Spaces Enjoy Improved Connections

Key to the project’s success is the clever way interior rooms and spaces enjoy improved connections to one another and to the exterior landscape. Particular attention has been paid to maintaining spatial diversity and creating a variety of rooms where small and large groups can come together, both inside and out. Wherever possible the historic character of the house is celebrated. On the exterior, original weatherboards are deliberately expressed in white in contrast to the contemporary components of the exterior, painted black.

Particular Attention Has Been Paid To Maintaining Spatial Diversity
Particularly The Kitchen, Dining And Sitting Room

The Clayfield House by Alexandra Buchanan Architecture is a unique project in the sense that wherever possible the historic character of the house is celebrated, whilst at the same time a contrasting contemporary style is introduced with a finesse and simplicity that resonates and establishes a dialogue between the old and the new.

Pivoting Screens Manage Privacy And Shade To The Sides
The Interior Has Been Cleverly Re Ordered
The Outdoor Room Defines The Rear Elevation
The Renovation And Extension Of Clayfield House
Timber Terraces Create A Playful Edge And An Informal Sitting Area That Invites Occupation Of The Garden
To Give The Social Spaces Of The Home
Whilst Contributing To Its Visually Animated Form.
The Brief Was To Be Considerate To The Beautiful Existing Bones Of This Classic Queenslander
And Creating A Variety Of Rooms Where Small And Large Groups Can Come Together
Both Inside And Out
In White In Contrast To The Contemporary Components Of The Exterior, Painted Black.
The Client Wanted Us To Make Sense Of The Spaces
The Clients Are A Busy Young Family Of Six
Wherever Possible The Historic Character Of The House Is Celebrated
Whilst Seeking To Remediate Some Past Renovation Misdemeanours
To One Another And To The Exterior Landscape
Blackbutt Flooring, Beautiful Atlantic Marble & Custom Steel Doors
On The Exterior, Original Weatherboards Are Deliberately Expressed

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Published 7 March, 2019
Photography  Toby Scott
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