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Concrete Nation - A Story of Family, Design & Concrete

Burleigh Heads, QLD, Australia

James Lyall Smith

Concrete and Family. The two values at the very core of the Gold Coast based Concrete Nation.

Concrete. A composite material that conjures images of strength, stability, unyielding power and harsh beauty. A substance with which many of the greatest architectural creations in the modern era have been built. Like concrete, the concept of family recalls many of these defining qualities of strength and integrity. . Family is a substance of beauty, everlasting and uncompromising, a construct that is cemented into our psyche from an early age. Family, much like concrete, means forever.

It is upon the values of family and a love for high quality concrete based design that Kate Lett and her husband Jason have built Concrete Nation – a collective of artisans, craftspeople and innovators who create custom-crafted, bespoke, architectural concrete works of art. Read on to discover how Concrete Nation has risen from humble beginnings to now reside at the forefront of the design industry on the Gold Coast and across Australia.

Concrete is a key trend in interiors at the moment and shows no sign of losing its lustre.

Every Concrete Nation product is handcrafted from their studio at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast.

The Concrete Nation story began some 6 years ago in a tiny backyard shed on the Gold Coast. The original odd couple of Kate Lett, a fashion designer from Boston, and Jason Lett, a builder from New Zealand, decided to combine their passion and expertise for design to create a business that would eventually grow into an industry leader creating beautiful handmade architectural concrete masterpieces for residential and commercial properties across Australia.

Today, Concrete Nation is a boutique operation in the purest form, comprised of six craftspeople and a total of eight employees. Despite the growth of their business over the past six years Kate and Jason have never forgotten their commitment to quality design and exemplary customer service. “For us, good design is all about quality over quantity, it is about building relationships with the customer and working collaboratively with architects and designers to create truly beautiful products”, explains Kate.

The Concrete Nation team work on a plethora of styles from reimagined beach houses to hinterland treehouses.

Concrete Nation draws design inspiration from nature and raw, powerful materials.

When Kate and Jason first landed on the Gold Coast in 2013 following the birth of their first daughter, they discovered a tourist paradise lacking any discernible architectural identity. Be honest – when you think of the Gold Coast you conjure images of huge high rises and white sandy beaches – the last thing you think of is beautiful design.

Since that time, the Gold Coast has transformed from a tourist mecca into a creative hub and Concrete Nation has been at the forefront of this transition. There are now a host of talented architects, interior designers and interiors businesses creating magic in the surf city and Kate and Jason are proud to run their boutique family business from within the epicentre of this new design centric society. “We draw inspiration from nature and raw materials. We don’t like to follow trends. The Gold Coast has always created its own trends. This location helps with our design process immensely” states Kate.

Concrete Nation offer a wide range of colour options, and two finishes for their polished concrete creations.

Concrete Nation pieces have been hand-mottled so every piece is full of character and variation, which adds to the charm.

Concrete Nation – family, design and concrete. From humble beginnings Kate and Jason have been able to build a business that is changing the face of the iconic Gold Coast through their innovative concrete masterpieces and trend setting design creations. They are driven by a passion to create timeless pieces that instantly become the focal point of any residential or commercial space. The Concrete Nation founders have never lost sight of that which is most important to them, beautiful design and family values. Much like the stunning products they create, their business and family are built on a foundation of strength, stability and an all-encompassing timeless quality.

Concrete Nation are always pushing boundaries and staying ahead of industry trends, and have some cutting-edge new products in development.

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