Krisna Cheung Architects

Cubby Office

North Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Rebecca Wilkinson

Nic Granleese

The Cubby Office is a creative invention of a modern home office and workplace.

Krisna Cheung Architects have created a unique space, which fuses together the blurry lines of work and a personal life, whilst reflecting a modern home work place. By incorporating the idea of being able to still manage a family from the office at home, spaces throughout the office accommodate both a quiet place for work, and a playful place for children.

Aim of the project was to bring together the seriousness of work with the playfulness of the owner’s children. The Cubby Office allows the owner to monitor and connect with the kids during working hours, whilst still having plenty of quiet time to focus on work.

Made possible by the perforated metal sheet; which is used as the floor to the upper level, it serves as an element of surprise and playfulness throughout each space. Identifying the Office as a Cubby Space.

The office achieves both aesthetic and functional purpose, with translucent floor throughout, to create a feeling of soaring high ceiling, in an otherwise tight space.

The semi-solid floor also allows a more efficient use of lighting and energy, whether it’s the heat coming from ground floor or the cool air from the air conditioning at the upper floor. It moderates the building’s temperature as a whole.

Then there is the “secret” deck, meant to replace the outdoor courtyard where the Cubby Office now stands. The unassuming space takes advantage of the vantage point to city skyline where the family can enjoy the unobstructed views of New Year’s Eve fireworks and celebrate the alliance of their work and home life.

Surprise and playfulness continue to be the theme for this construction even to the functional part. Every nook and cranny are maximised as storage with shadow lines as handle, giving them the illusion of being secretive.

Photography by Nic Granleese.



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