Pleysier Perkins Architects

Elwood 2

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Rebecca Wilkinson

Dan Hocking

  • Melbourne, VIC, Australia
  • 629m2
Project Year
  • 2016
  • Dan Hocking
  • One Off Constructions
  • Michael O’Callaghan

Elwood 2 is a contemporary three-level home fringed by Plane trees and period bungalows.

Built for longevity, this house a well thought out mixture of modern contemporary design fused with a rustic idea. The house is clad in hand-pressed Danish brick which is nicely complimented by the added naturally weathered copped panels.

The living levels comprise of two L-shaped volumes; which offset from one another, to create a private and open north-facing living space.

Combination of the hand-made Danish bricks and weathered copper is strikingly beautiful, with the copper darkened naturally, due to its proximity by the water.

The return of brick walls to the inside of the house, helps to bring a sense of bringing the outside environment in, and gives a greater relationship to the courtyards and plantings contained within.

This also helps to naturally cool the temperature of the house, on a typical hot Australian summer’s day. Each space is illuminated with plenty of natural light and the use of natural pale timbers throughout, create a cooling, yet comfortable feel throughout.

Designers of the house Pleysier Perkins Architects have created a unique house of privacy and seclusion, despite it’s location in a busy Melbourne suburb.

Photography by Dan Hocking.

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