BoDW Speaking Program
3 - 8 December 2018
Hong Kong

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BoDW Speaking Program

The BoDW Speaking Program will take place over the course of Hong Kong Business Design Week in which the largest-ever international presentation of Victorian design will be showcased at Asia’s premier design event.

Speakers will provide insight into the Victorian Design industry and the Australian Design spirit.

The Victorian approach to design will be celebrated with more than 20 speakers from Melbourne – or around one third of speakers in the program.

Speakers invited into the program come from a wide variety of creative disciplines and will give a in depth insight into the Australian spirit of design.

Speakers include: Abigail Forsyth of KeepCup, Dr Ken Cato of Cato Brand Partners, Rodney Eggleston of March Studio, Ken Wong from Mountains digital games studio, Brian Morris of Melbourne and Olympic Parks, Jefa Greenaway of Greenaway Architects and Victorian Government Architect, Jill Garner.

Hear from Abigail Forsyth as she expands on how here entrepreneurial spirit led her to design the world’s first barista reusable cup in order to combat the alarming amount of disposal packaging being wasted across Australia.

Alastair Richardson, one of the Asia Pacific’s most pre-eminent sports architects, will talk through how he captured Australia’s sport obsessed culture into numerous stunning sporting precincts across the Country.

Ewan McEoin, Senior Curator of the newly formed Department of Contemporary Design and Architecture at the National Gallery of Victoria, Australia’s largest and most visited gallery, will provide invaluable insight into the Victorian Design industry.

Plus many more!


December 3 – December 8 2018


Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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