Pavilions 1
15 October, 2018
Sydney, NSW, Australia

Image: Vo Trong Nghia Architects, Fugitive Structures, Green Ladder, 2016. Commissioned by Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, Sydney.
Image: Camilla Block, Director, Durbach Block Jaggers, 5-9 Roslyn Street, Kings Cross, 2009. Photographer: Julia


Pavilions 1 

Emerging in the 18th Century, the pavilion has been a significant building type in the work of major architects of the 20th and 21st centuries. The recent commissioning of the $340 million Sydney Modern extension to the AGNSW, which comprises three cascading pavilion structures, is a case in point. The temporary pavilion is now also emerging as a cultural phenomenon: the celebrated Serpentine Galleries’ summer pavilions in London, national pavilions at the various Architecture biennales including Venice and, locally, the Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation’s Fugitive Structures series are some notable examples. These inventive and idiosyncratic structures blur the boundaries between art and architecture.

Program schedule 

Session 1: 11:00 AM–12:15 PM

Professor John Macarthur and Dr Susan Holden, University of Queensland, ‘Pavilion Propositions’

Session 2: 12:15 PM–1:15 PM

James Grose, BVN Architecture Studio, SCAF x BVN Fugitive Structures Series

Fugitive Structures was the first series in Australia to explore the potential of temporary pavilions as tools for experimentation, and for testing new concepts and construction techniques. BVN partnered with the Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation (SCAF) for five years to support the exhibition of their architecture programme: ‘Fugitive Structures’.

Date and time: Monday 15 October 2018, 11:00 am – 1:15 pm AEDT

Location: Sherman Centre for Culture and Ideas, 20 Goodhope Street, Paddington, NSW 2021, Australia

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Following Fugitive Structures session there will be a brief announcement presented by Barangaroo Delivery Authority.

Sandra Bender, Executive Director of Activation & Precinct Management, Barangaroo Delivery Authority (BDA), with Camilla Block, Durbach Block Jaggers Architects, SCCI x BDA Barangaroo Structures.

An exciting new commission of a major pavilion series at Barangaroo will be announced – Barangaroo Structures, a project of Barangaroo Delivery Authority in partnership with the Sherman Centre for Culture and Ideas (SCCI).

Special thanks to Pavilions event partners Barangaroo Delivery Authority and the Australian Institute of Art History.

About Sherman Centre for Culture and Ideas (SCCI)

Sherman Centre for Culture and Ideas (SCCI), a Hub series fashioned as the newest evolution of the re-named Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, launches in April 2018.

Our aim is to provide a vibrant platform for the exchange of the most challenging and engaging ideas on architecture and fashion, within the broader context of culture. Fashion, in particular, has lacked serious attention as a sophisticated, intellectually rich and multifaceted mode of creative expression. Through SCCI, we seek to elevate it to a more prominent position alongside other art forms, and begin a conversation that is long overdue. The very best of contemporary ideas on architecture, and its intersections with cultural, social, aesthetic and economic life, will also be explored intensively at SCCI.

Our forum for this deep engagement is two concentrated public event programmes in Sydney each year, over the five-year period 2018-2022: SCCI Fashion Hub, each April/May, and SCCI Architecture Hub, running September/October.

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