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Jessica Eva

We all remember times gone by when one room would be designated the “good room”, housing your best, barely touched furniture and reserved only for use when entertaining guests. More recent times call for flexibility in our living spaces and multi-use areas that can transition with our varying day to day needs. This once designated guest room can now be found in any area of the house but it doesn’t mean that there isn’t room to put your best foot forward. Make way for old fashioned hosting with these key items for entertaining.

RD Sofa Series by Douglas and Bec

Comfortable seating is an essential for hosting, depending on your style of entertaining a nice deep seat will set the scene for laid back casual occasions yet structured lines spell formal affair. Our ideal is to aim somewhere in the middle like the RD Sofa Series by Douglas and Bec. A luxuriously plush seat of feather filled cushions is met with a refined American Oak frame making this piece equal parts inviting and stylish.

Images Courtesy of Douglas and Bec.

Stem Coat Stand By DesignByThem

A coat stand is a nod to old fashioned hosting, the invitation for guests to hang their bags or outer layers by the door is a beautiful way to welcome them into your home. This nostalgic piece gets a modern update with the Stem Coat Stand by DesignByThem. Hand crafted from rock maple timber it’s lightweight, twig like design is an elegant addition to your entryway design wise, as well as it being a lovely starting point to your guest’s visit.

Images courtesy of DesignByThem and Pete Daly

Parallel Bowl by Hava Studio

There’s nothing more impressive than serving up an impressive dish to share, and we of the design world know that it is just as much about the vessel itself as it is the meal inside it. For a centrepiece with flair go for a truly show stopping design like the Parallel Bowl by local design studio Hava. Also available in Petite and timber or marble options, the brass frame is nothing but sophisticated and brilliant emphasis on geometry in this design will definitely make it the talking point of the table.

Images courtesy of Hava Studio and Greg Natale.

M-Rattan Armchair by Daniel Boddam

Speaking of gathering around tables, a specialty formal setting is not always necessary if your everyday set of chairs is sturdy and well designed. A nice touch to transition to more formal occasions is an armchair set, adding just a touch of smartness. We love the M-Rattan Armchair made by Sydney designer Daniel Boddam for it’s relaxed light timber finish and rattan detailing yet its subtle arced limbs and overall sense of sophistication.

Images Courtesy of Daniel Boddam.

New York Drinks Cabinet by Grazia and Co

No night is complete without a signature drink so why not make a feature of the occasion with an eye-catching bar cart to house your finest refreshments. All Australian made, the New York Drinks Cabinet by Grazia and Co adds a touch of theatre to your drink rounds with it’s glistening gold Perspex inlay. Everyday this unit sits as a stylish yet unassuming cabinet yet after hours this piece comes to life and brings a festive feeling to whatever gathering you are hosting.

Images courtesy of Grazia and Co and Armelle Habib.

With the right pieces your place will be guest ready at the top of a hat but really the key is to work these guest-ready pieces into your everyday style so that all of your gatherings are authentically you. The right selections will compliment your entertaining style which only means a more relaxed and enjoyable time over for your guests.

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