We Are Triibe

La Boutique

Double Bay, NSW, Australia

James Lyall Smith

Project Type
  • Commercial Hospitality
  • Double Bay, NSW, Australia
Interior Designers
  • 80m2
Project Year
  • 2017
  • Terence Chin
Project Team
  • Jessica Stewart
  • Christina Symes
  • Emily Gillis
  • Double Bay, NSW, Australia

La Boutique hair salon is a commercial interior design project designed by We Are Triibe and located in the exclusive Eastern Sydney suburb of Double Bay.

The La Boutique design needed to enhance and elevate a renowned hair salon in Double Bay, Sydney. The space is designed to allow clients to escape and replenish outside of their busy schedules. It’s selection of luxurious materials are both beautiful and functional, and the simplicity of the overall scheme is unquestionably elegant.

La Boutique required a fit out that reflected it’s French inspired brand identity. Located within one of Double Bay’s prestigious boutique lined streets, the tone was set for a lavish salon catering for the locals. The front of the salon was to feel luxurious and inviting. A custom sofa wraps around the atrium window and looks toward the polished stone POS unit and sweeping palms. An open shelving unit invites customers to casually ‘shop’ the products.

There is a deliberate calmness to the interior which invites relaxation and reprieve for the customers, with natural light pouring in and many other details such as elegant styling stations, a large expanse of floor space to encourage an easy flow, a private hair basin zone at the rear of the salon which directs the clients gaze up to the skylights when lying down, and finally, a feature VIP station for those needing added privacy. A transitional curtain sections off this space and the perimeter of the mirror is illuminated for an intimate and elevated experience.

The salon’s selection of high calibre materials are not only beautiful, but purposefully chosen to age gracefully over time. The herringbone floor, the aged brass and perforated steel sheeting on the joinery, saddle tan leather seating and the stone cladded reception. Working with these opulent materials in a realistic budget presented itself as a challenge which We Are Triibe successfully met by using them in clever ways.

La Boutique is dedicated making the client feel important and celebrating each person’s individual style. This was achieved as the all-encompassing feeling of the store is elegant and restrained, allowing each styling station to nourish and make the client feel pampered. Elegant wall sconces and curved mirrors make one feel like they are sitting in an old fashioned beauty parlour. A contemporary overlay can also be noticed, through small details such as modern track lighting, sweeping clean lines throughout the joinery and an open floor plan.

The initial design of the salon was busy with an overload of joinery, making clients feel enclosed. We Are Triibe’s approach was to re think the way a hair salon should operate and make the client feel. The studio did not look to precedents of other salons, but instead conceptualised a space which would delight and invigorate clients when they walked through the door.

The level of custom joinery in the space made it an innovative design. Every piece of joinery was bespoke. From the stone point of sale in the reception, through to the perforated steel sheeted colour wall with aged bronze trims, custom curved mirrors, upholstered saddle tan salon chairs and marble styling stations.

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