Six Degrees Architects

Hanging Rock House

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

John Gollings

From The Architect

The goal was to take advantage of the site context and outlooks, all within a simple and cost efficient structure. The land presented a panoramic outlook toward Hanging Rock. Unfortunately this outlook is to the South. The obstacle was to orientate to the view and uphold direct northern light through the home. With its position on a hill, shaping of the land was required prior to construction. This physical amalgamation of the built form with the surroundings strengthens the project’s link with its context.

The approach to the house is intentionally nonlinear appropriating from ancient traditions. Thus, there was no delivery for a ‘front door’ but in its place is an ‘arrival courtyard’. The house is structured around a living section and a sleeping section with a secondary living area at the junction.

This house is the family’s primary habitation that accommodates for all their living requirements, all within a simple structure that adjusts the inhabitants towards the views and neighbouring environment.


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 Six Degrees Architects

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 John Gollings

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