Mount Martha, VIC, Australia

Photography Armelle Habib
Project Specification
Project Name: Lempriere
Project Type: Residential ,
Location: Mount Martha, VIC, Australia
Photographer: Armelle Habib
Builder: Kabsav ,
Project Team: Kate Walker ,
Designers: KWD ,

Lempriere by KWD is a striking renovation that pays dividends for this family as they seamlessly combine their love of both coastal and alpine regions.

From their home in sunny California, the expat owners sat down with a map of Australia and drew a circle around Melbourne. Keen to make the move back to their native country but never having lived in Victoria, the couple set about shortlisting potential homes in suburbs they knew little about, other than via word of mouth. Trusting their instincts, the couple snapped up a 1970s property set amongst the undulating landscape of Mount Martha on the Mornington Peninsula. And now, 10 years on, they have created a dream home where a sophisticated mix of earthy hues and natural materials create a warm and inviting tone, with an edgy, masculine touch.

Sentimental Artwork Adorns Almost Every Wall In The Home. An Untitled Oil Painting By Tasmanian Artist Sue Lovegrove Informs The Surrounding Palet
And Now, 10 Years On, They Have Created A Dream Home Where A Sophisticated Mix Of Earthy Hues And Natural Materials Create A Warm And Inviting Ton

KWD set about combining the family’s love of alpine regions with those of the beach, marrying the two philosophies together, delivering a home for all seasons. Careful selections of ‘sludgy’ hues and wooly textures were chosen to layer the home with warmth for winter, while sprawling decks allow for the family to bask in the summer sun.

Statement features such as luxurious stonework, a leather-clad fireplace, alongside ambient custom lighting choices make an immediate impression but it’s the life-long and meaningfully curated art collection that is most prized and loved by this family.

After Meeting With Kate Walker For The First Time, They Decided It Was Going To Go Deeper Than That.

A striking, light-filled entrance boasting floor-to-ceiling custom leather cladding makes the perfect atrium for owners to showcase some of their spectacular art collection, spanning two floors. An impressive ‘spider’ light fitting from Porcelain Bear adds a sense of drama to the space whilst accentuating the home’s high vaulted ceiling.

Careful Selections Of ‘sludgy’ Hues And Wooly Textures Were Chosen To Layer The Home With Warmth For Winter, While Sprawling Decks Allow For The F

Hand-painted MDF shelving with custom steel dividers is decorated with collected curios from the family’s worldwide travels, adding individuality to the living room. Dark, moody joinery was chosen as the perfect foil to the white paneled ceiling, whilst wicker and leather furniture adds texture and depth. A custom-made KWD carpet floor rug pays homage to Kelli’s love of a luxurious and monochromatic palette.

In Fact, The Removal Of A Few Walls And A Palette Change Started A Chain Reaction Of Renovating Chapters That Would Span Over The Ensuing Two Year
It Wasn’t Always The Case Though. When They Took Over The Property, There Were Clear Signs Of The Home’s Original Era, As Well As An Early 2000s E
Kwd Set About Combining The Family’s Love Of Alpine Regions With Those Of The Beach, Marrying The Two Philosophies Together, Delivering A Home Fo
The Owner’s Favorite Area Of The Home Is The Kitchen Where She Enjoys Watching The Deep Green Tones Shift With The Ever Changing Light

Grey layers of linen from Weylandts combined with warm timber furniture offer a nod to the home’s alpine-like aesthetic. Plush, custom made KWD carpet, handmade in India using three natural, undyed colours, provides the finishing touch and ensures luxurious comfort underfoot.

The Owners Entertain But They Are Also Very Private, So They Like Our Own Private Spaces, Whether That’s As A Small Family Unit, Or Individually,
The Owners’ Confidence In Their Decisions Came To The Fore When They Decided To Team Up With Local Designer Kate Walker Of Kwd
They Started Off Wanting To Change The Chrome Handrails And The Multi Faceted Cornices.... And The Toilet That Came Off The Dining Room
To Help Curate A Home That Was Representative Of The Family And Its Needs.
What Started Out As A Modest Plan To Update The Home’s Chrome Door Handles, Quickly Evolved Into A Larger Scale Renovation

A striking line-based artwork “Many Stars’ by Ildiko Kovacs takes pride of place in the dining room. It shares company with other earthy-hued furniture selections to create a warm and inviting space, while a soft grey linear wool rug from Roger Oates frames the table, adding style, texture and comfort underfoot.

Whilst It Is Here The Family Members Spend Most Of Their Time Together, Winter Calls For A Migration Upstairs To The Sound Of A Crackling Fire And

Kate’s inspired vision to remove a wall from the laundry enabled the new mudroom to become the meeting hub of the home. The natural palette was selected for warmth and masculinity; the leather trim and bespoke woollen cushions were handmade by a local master craftsman, and the pared back Caraway by Porter’s Paints on the walls was selected for its relaxed character and subtle texture.

Whilst This Coastal Home Tells The Tale Of A Well Travelled, Curio Collecting, Art Loving, Style Savvy Family, It Is Clear They Have Embraced Aust
A Striking Renovation Pays Dividends For This Family Who Seamlessly Combine Their Love Of Both Coastal And Alpine Regions On The Mornington Penins

Storage was front of mind when it came to kitchen design with the final result combining functionality and luxurious style. Designed to be aesthetically pleasing while cleverly concealing any mess, the kitchen with its hidden appliances and reverse-sided butler’s pantry ticks all of the boxes for the owder. The introduction of Italian marble was a considered choice, the owner selecting this piece under Kate Walker’s guidance – as a reflection of the years the family spent living in alpine regions, thanks to the mountainous shapes she saw in its patterns.

From Their Home In Sunny California, The Expat Owners Sat Down With A Map Of Australia And Drew A Circle Around Melbourne
Trusting Their Instincts, The Couple Snapped Up A 1970s Property Set Amongst The Undulating Landscape Of Mount Martha On The Mornington Peninsula
A Striking, Light Filled Entrance Boasting Floor To Ceiling Custom Leather Cladding Makes The Perfect Atrium For Owners To Showcase Some Of Their
An Impressive ‘spider’ Light Fitting From Porcelain Bear Adds A Sense Of Drama To The Space Whilst Accentuating The Home’s High Vaulted Ceiling.
And As The Relationship Evolved They Really Felt That What They Were Doing Warranted A Touch In Every Room. The Redesign Expanded To More Than A T
Statement Features Such As Luxurious Stonework, A Leather Clad Fireplace, Alongside Ambient Custom Lighting Choices Make An Immediate Impression B
Explains The Owner, “what I Really Loved Working With Kate, Was That She Could See The End Result So Clearly That I Just Had To Trust Her, Taking
I Just Think Her Vision And Her Challenge To Me, She Would Push Me In Directions I Thought I Was Comfortable In Going, And Then We Would Start And
The One Wall That’s Been Taken From The Laundry, That’s Opened Up To Create A Mud Room And A Laundry And A Foyer And Even Makes Use Of Sitting On

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Published: 2 May, 2019

Photography Credit:  Armelle Habib