Mena Sofa


Franco Crea

Designed for residential, hospitality and commercial spaces, the Mena Sofa finds the perfect balance between elegance, comfort and support for all environments. Luxury and elegance teamed with the highest quality manufacturing and hand-finished upholstery, ensures Mena’s complex design gives you exactly what you want in an sofa: stunning beauty, and everyday comfort and support.

Fully-upholstered, the Mena Sofa exhibits its own powerful, connective design language, with strong lines, sharp geometry, diamond hand-stitched quilting, and stunning chamfered profiled timber arms — with the option of a handy, removable, Metal Ledge.

A variety of materials and finishes are available for the Mena Sofa. Upholstery comes in aniline leather in a range of colours, and a wool/alpaca blend, also available in select colours. Solid timber arms are available in American Oak, American Walnut and a Flat Suede Coated finish.

The optional Micro Ledge comes in stainless steel; polished, a matte bead-blasted finish, and in solid brass with finishes available in satin, bronze or nero. New technology has merged with hand-craftsmanship to execute the new Mena range; as such, you won’t find any visible fasteners in the Mena collection. The timber arms are fixed to the upholstered body with powerful, hidden magnetic fasteners.

The Mena Range is available in Leather – Grouse, Resin, Chestnut, Wolf, Mineral, Caribou and Wool – Elated, Young Again, Respected, Secure, Satisfied, Confident.

Franco Crea

Product Details & Specifications

General Information & Specifications
  • Australian Designed
  • Australian Manufactured
  • Customisable
Dimensions Available
  • Length x 18oo x Depth 900 x Height 775 x Seat Height 410
  • Length x 2100 x Depth 900 x Height 775 x Seat Height 410
  • Length 2400 x Depth 900 x Height 775 x Seat Height 410
Timber Arms Available
  • American Oak
  • American Walnut
Upholstery Available
  • Leather – Grouse, Resin, Chestnut, Wolf, Mineral, Caribou.
  • Wool – Elated, Young Again, Respected, Secure, Satisfied, Confident.
Optional Metal Ledge
  • 270mm x 150mm x 40mm
  • Polished Stainless Steel
  • Bead Blasted Stainless Steel
  • Polished Brass
  • Satin Brass

About The Designer

Franco Crea is a unique, intelligent, and trusted designer within the high-end Australian furniture industry.

FrancoCrea offers furniture collections for residential and commercial applications in both exterior and interior settings, ranging from education, hospitality, public spaces, and residential.

Further to his established furniture products, FrancoCrea also offers his flagship custom commissioned designs; from loose furniture pieces to comprehensive joinery projects. The individuality of these projects truly underpins the distinctiveness of a FrancoCrea design.

Building strong relationships with manufacturers and incorporating them into the design process is something Franco feels is key to him being able to deliver his designs without having to compromise.

All FrancoCrea pieces are designed in-house. They are distinct, contemporary, and capture elegance with acuity. Franco Crea’s passion for design is coupled with a commitment to environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

Franco Crea’s locally designed and made products can be purchased on The Local Project’s Marketplace which showcases and promotes the very best in local Australian furniture and product design. Franco Crea’s products can also be viewed at the Catapult Design showroom located in Pyrmont, Sydney.

Delivery & Timing

The lead time of the Mena Sofa designed by Franco Crea is 6-8 weeks.

Shipping and delivery of this product is calculated at the check-out of The Local Project’s Marketplace.

When checking out, please advise if lifts, loading docks or specific access is required for delivery. Delivery is between normal business hours of 9AM to 5PM Monday to Friday.

To enquire about specific delivery pricing of this product, please contact the Catapult Design team on 02 8001 6646 or send your enquiry through to

To see this product in person and discuss with the Catapult Design team about delivery, visit the Catapult Design showroom from Monday to Friday from 9AM to 6PM at Unit 6, Level W2, 42 Wattle Street, Ultimo.

Lead times are as stated, any variation on the stated lead times will be advised as soon as possible by The Local Project or Catapult Design.

Please note, in the case of larger project orders of multiple products, Catapult Design will require the final balance be paid 7-14 days prior to delivery.


The Mena Sofa by Franco Crea is a multi-purpose sofa solution, available in various sizes and finishes to suit a multitude of applications across residential and commercial settings.

The sofa can be customised to suit any residential or commercial space.

For general information on this product, or to enquire about customisation of this or another design to suit your requirements, please contact the Catapult Design team on 02 8001 6646 or send your enquiry through to or visit the Catapult Design showroom Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm at Unit 6, Level W2, 42 Wattle Street, Ultimo.

About the Distributor

Catapult Design are passionate about the very best in furniture and lighting. Founded in 2013, their mission is to support the incredible talent emerging in Australia. The beautiful yet functional pieces in the Catapult Design catalogue are then provided to discerning clients quickly and affordably, with the knowledge that the local design scene is alive and vibrant.

Catapult Design’s diverse catalogue suits a wide range of uses – from commercial to residential, hospitality, and everything in between. They also have experience in creating custom pieces both through their signature Catapult Design label, and in collaboration with their stable of acclaimed talent.

Catapult Design’s portfolio of Australian designers include BARBERA, Dowel Jones, ANDRÉ HNATOJKO, Ash Allen, Marz Designs, Coeval, Skeehan Studio, Ross Didier, Paul Townsin, Ben-Tovim Design, Franco Crea, jr abel and Apparentt, as well as their signature Catapult Design range.

Founders Leigh Johnson and Aaron Zorzo anchor the timeless aesthetic of the Catapult collection. Between them they have 20 years experience in the furniture, design and styling industries. Their attention to detail and focus on quality sets them apart, delivering beautiful solutions for your project’s needs.

Industry Discount

In order to remain competitive in the Australian marketplace, very little margin is added to our locally designed and made products however, should you have a project requiring a quantity order of one or many types of Catapult Design pieces, our team can work with you to secure the best possible pricing that can be offered across the board. Large volume orders will be offered significant discounts as we pass the production savings onto our customers.

Product Warranty


The Mena Sofa by Fraco Crea comes with a 3 year structural warranty that shall apply for custom made furniture subject to domestic and commercial use.

Franco Crea guarantees the quality of his design and workmanship, of all products, and expect them to provide a lifetime of enjoyment. This covers faulty workmanship in furniture that is subject to normal domestic or commercial application and which has been carefully maintained and sensibly used.

During the warranty period FrancoCrea™ will replace or repair any defective products without charge so long as the damage does not arise from improper, inadequate or incorrect usage.

For additional warranty or general information on this product, please contact the Catapult Design team on 02 8001 6646 or send your enquiry through to or visit the Catapult Design showroom Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm at Unit 6, Level W2, 42 Wattle Street, Ultimo.


The Local Project and Catapult Design will provide a full refund or exchange if an item has a major problem. If the problem is not major, Catapult Design will repair the item within a reasonable time.

A refund cannot be provided if change of mind occurs with the purchaser, however, credit can be given provided manufacturing of the product has not commenced.

Cancellation of a Product

For trade and retail orders of this product; a cancellation fee of between 50% and 70% will apply to all orders upon commencement of manufacture. A cancellation fee will not be applied if the product is in stock.

Product Care

Please refer to the Product Care Document for guidelines on this and other Catapult Design products.