Potter DS Pendant and Wall Sconce




Anchor Ceramics

Bruce Rowe’s authentic and honest design aesthetic belies the skill and technology used to deliver this new lighting range. Potter DS includes a linear ceramic pendant and wall light, and has been made using a hybrid of old-school pottery methods with contemporary rapid prototyping techniques and 3D printed tools. It’s very much the love child of a low tech – high tech relationship.

Anchor Ceramics
Handcrafted Glazed Stoneware
Pendant 1800 / 2250 x 520

Wall 800 x 520 x 450

About The Designer

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Anchor Ceramics is a design studio that operates in an applied research, prototyping and product development capacity. The studio produces handmade ceramic lighting, tile, outdoor and furniture product ranges and is built on a model that places well designed, high quality products that are made by hand with love and care at the heart of its endeavour.

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The Potter DS Pendant and Wall Sconce by Anchor Ceramics comes in the following customisations: “Finish Selection: Satin White // Charcoal
2 X Steel Cables // 1 X Braided Textile Flex (Ø4Mm) // 2 X Seamless Canopies”

About the Distributor

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Industry Discount

Should you have a project requiring a quantity order of one or many types of Potter DS Pendant and Wall Sconce by Anchor Ceramics, the team will work with you to secure a discount.

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