Pylite Floor Lamp




Daniel Treacy

Rakumba designer Dan Treacy seeks to explore the raw geometric intrigue of Pyrite’s crystalline form, with ‘Pylite’, a module based luminare system that behaves like interlocking crystal prisms. With the ability to combine in cuboid or planar arrays that can become table, pendant, wall lights, or even ‘walls of light’, the applications await your imagination.

Daniel Treacy
Polished Brass with Satin Laquer or Dulux Powdercoated Steel
400 x 400 x 120

About The Designer

Dan Treacy leads Rakumba’s in-house design team, driven by an insatiable interest in how lights are made, and the storytelling behind their making. As a result, Dan’s work comprises technology, detail and narrative.

Delivery & Timing

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The Pylite Floor Lamp by Daniel Treacy comes in the following customisations:”Available in Powdercoated Steel and Satin Brass.
Also available as Table / Wall Planar or Pendant Planar
Suspension: 1.5M Brass Braided Flex // Stainless Steel Suspension Cables // Seamless Canopy
Lamp Cordset 2.5M Brass Braided Flex // Inline Or Foot Switch // Inline Converter // Plug”

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Industry Discount

Should you have a project requiring a quantity order of one or many types of Pylite Floor Lamp by Daniel Treacy, the team will work with you to secure a discount.

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