Typography Light Rail System




Studio Truly Truy

“Mix and match to create endless expressions
Rail System | 7 Luminaires | Flexibly positioned
Individually controlled | Infinite combinations
Studio Truly Truly and Rakumba have designed a lighting system of exceptional flexibility and purity of form. The system is inspired by the way characters form words, and how these can be arranged in relationships to create a language of expression.”

Studio Truly Truy
Anodised Aluminium // Stainless Steel

About The Designer

Truly Truly is a Rotterdam (NL) based design studio. It was founded by Australian husband and wife design team Joel Booy & Kate Booy, and operates on the interface between industry and art. They run a versatile practice, creating textiles, lighting, furniture and spatial installations.

Delivery & Timing

Some of Rakumba’s products may be available for immediate delivery. Their standard production lead time is between 4-12 weeks (plus shipping) depending on the product. However, additional lead times may apply for large orders or order with some of their artisan, handcrafted products.


The Typography Rail System by Studio Truly Truy comes in the following customisations: “Pendant | Chandelier | Wall | Floor
Up to 2M Horizontal Span Between Vertical Support Rails
Up to 10Kg of Luminaires per Vertical Support Rail in Balanced Arrangement
Up to 1Kg of Luminaires at 500Mm Cantilever Distance from Vertical Support Rail
Minimum Rail Overlap Distance 10Mm”

About the Distributor

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Industry Discount

Should you have a project requiring a quantity order of one or many types of Typography Rail System by Studio Truly Truy, the team will work with you to secure a discount.

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