Ridge House
Sparks Architects
Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia

Words James Lyall Smith
Project Specification
Project Name: Ridge House
Project Type: Residential ,
Location: Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia
Lead Architect: Dan Sparks ,
Area: 350m2 ,
Project Year: 2015 ,
Photographer: Christopher Frederick Jones
Builder: Jaicon Constructions ,
Architects: Sparks Architects ,

The Ridge House by Sparks Architects reaffirms their design dominance upon the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

The Ridge House is situated on the western edge of a 25 acre property on the Blackall Range near Montville, QLD. A north / south ridge line with commanding views over the property to the north and east and the Baroon Pocket Dam to the west was selected for siting the building. This acknowledgment of context and topography was ultimately pursued in the planning of the building and the orientation of internal spaces.

A North South Ridge Line With Commanding Views Over The Property To The North

The brief called for a large program and a desire for the building to maximise the sites amenity and views whilst reflecting the clients respective cultural aesthetics – the couple being from a rural property in western Queensland and the mountains of Colorado. The solution is realised through two pavilions that slide against each other and one slightly skewed against the other in plan. The materiality of the house is expressed through rammed earth, galvanised sheet metal, hardwood and glass.

And One Slightly Skewed Against The Other In Plan.

The composition also allows the brief to be spilt into the primary private needs of the owners and those of guests – connected via the public outdoor room. The simple move of skewing the two pavilions and careful consideration in the micro planning of the building relative to site constraints and opportunities, allows for a diverse range of experiences and views within the individual rooms.

Rammed Earth Walls Providing Thermal Mass,

The space created between the two pavilions becomes the primary outdoor room and also facilitates circulation between the pavilions, pool and decks. It is a celebration of the buildings context and views and experienced as the summit of the entry sequence through the rural property and into the house.

The Ridge House Is Situated On The Western Edge Of A 25 Acre Property

The incredible views of Baroon Pocket Dam to the west are addressed climatically through the incorporation of thermal glazing and automated external sun shades that are programmed to lower during the afternoon of the hotter months.

Rammed earth walls providing thermal mass, a 6kw photovoltaic array, 90 000 litres of rainwater storage, appropriate shading of glazed elements, generous cross ventilation to all spaces and specification of sustainably and ethically sourced timber compliment the designs ESD aspirations.

The Space Created Between The Two Pavilions Becomes The Primary Outdoor Room

In 2016 the Ridge House received commendation at the Sunshine Coast awards for residential architecture. 

Through The Incorporation Of Thermal Glazing
And Also Facilitates Circulation Between The Pavilions
And Automated External Sun Shades That Are Programmed To Lower During The Afternoon Of The Hotter Months.
And Careful Consideration In The Micro Planning Of The Building Relative To Site Constraints And Opportunities
And Experienced As The Summit Of The Entry Sequence
And The Mountains Of Colorado.
And Views Whilst Reflecting The Clients Respective Cultural Aesthetics
Connected Via The Public Outdoor Room.
Galvanised Sheet Metal
The Brief Called For A Large Program And A Desire For The Building To Maximise The Sites Amenity
The Composition Also Allows The Brief To Be Spilt Into The Primary Private Needs Of The Owners And Those Of Guests
The Couple Being From A Rural Property In Western Queensland
The Materiality Of The House Is Expressed Through Rammed Earth
The Simple Move Of Skewing The Two Pavilions
The Solution Is Realised Through Two Pavilions That Slide Against Each Other
Through The Rural Property And Into The House.
And East And The Baroon Pocket Dam To The West Was Selected For Siting The Building.
On The Blackall Range Near Montville, Qld.
Planning Of The Building And The Orientation Of Internal Spaces.
Pool And Decks.
The Incredible Views Of Baroon Pocket Dam To The West Are Addressed Climatically
This Acknowledgment Of Context And Topography Was Ultimately Pursued In The Planning
90 000 Litres Of Rainwater Storage
A 6kw Photovoltaic Array
And Specification Of Sustainably And Ethically Sourced Timber Compliment The Designs Esd Aspirations.
154 162 Balmoral Road Montville
Generous Cross Ventilation To All Spaces

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Published 6 June, 2019
Photography  Christopher Frederick Jones
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