Charles Wentworth
Furniture & Lighting Design
Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Gallery Of Charles Wentworth Local Australian Furniture And Industrial Design Taringa, Brisbane Image 1

Charles Wentworth is a Brisbane based Industrial and furniture designer. His practice is in developing unique furniture that honours the materials and manufacturing techniques used to produce it. Being conscious and aware of such properties allows him to design effective and efficient solutions for a variety of applications.

With a particular interest in sheet metal, much of his work explores how it can be manipulated to form seemingly simple objects that combine locally fabricated framework with hand shaped, durable timbers.

In understanding the requirements of the end user, he combines each of these aspects to ultimately inform the shape, aesthetic and application of the final design.

As well as offering a range of collections, Charles also works closely with clients in developing custom pieces for exclusive projects. Built to last, all furniture is designed and crafted to stand the tests of time.

His consistent work ethic and approachable nature make for seamless collaborations and client interaction. Always interested in exploring new ideas, he brings a high level of professionalism and enthusiasm to all avenues of work.

Charles Wentworth’s locally designed and made products can be purchased on The Local Project’s Marketplace which showcases and promotes the very best in local Australian furniture and product design. Charles Wentworth’s products can also be viewed at the Catapult Design showroom located in Pyrmont, Sydney.

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