Furniture & Lighting Design
Melbourne, VIC, Australia

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A start up brand created by a brother sister DUO, LAAL creates furniture, objects, finishes & fittings and puts them all into your hands. You get to create the final solution from the palette of LAAL.

At the very heart of LAAL is the appreciation of simplicity and timelessness. They look to classic shapes and form for inspiration, reimagining then and stripping them back to their essential language to make way for the creation of original ‘clean’ forms, forms that are understated, do not follow trends and last beyond the season.

The LAAL customer then curates these forms, they are as involved in the finished product as LAAL is. Configuration options, a palette of colours and finishes and an ever expanding range of accessories enables any piece from any LAAL collection to be made to suit a desired aesthetic, to achieve a specific price point, or to seamlessly integrate into a range of environments.

Merging traditional manufacturing methods and new finishing techniques, all LAAL objects are made and finished by hand from a curated selection of Australian manufacturers.

LAAL’s locally designed and made products can be purchased on The Local Project’s Marketplace which showcases and promotes the very best in local Australian furniture and product design. LAAL’s products can also be viewed at the Catapult Design showroom located in Pyrmont, Sydney.

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