Project Specification
Project Name: The Farmhouse
Project Type: Residential ,
Location: Red Hill, VIC, Australia
Project Year: 2019 ,
Photographer: Shannon McGrath
Builder: Mark Henderson ,
Project Team: Paul Hecker , Hamish Guthrie , Alex Cerny ,
Interior Designers: Hecker Guthrie ,

From the Architect

Nestled in amongst its lush Victorian landscape in Red Hill, Donaldson’s Road is a celebration of the iconic Australian 1950’s holiday home. It conjures a familiar sense of nostalgia, reawakening memories of yore. Through strategic considered curation and styling, the focus is on social living at its core, with a resounding pull toward the living outdoors element inherent in the non-permanent home. The hero of the outdoor (the family hearth) becomes a moment unto itself.

Bringing Together A Palette Of Earthy Greens, Yellows And Rusted Red And Ochres, The Utilisation Of Terrazzo And Raw Materiality Brings
Donaldson’s Road Is A Celebration Of The Iconic Australian 1950’s Holiday Home

As an extension of a shared love of such a beautiful wine region in Victoria, Donaldson’s Road sees the growth of existing working relationship with the makers of Polperro Winery, Many Little and Amelie & Franks. Throughout the property, a series of passive retreat spaces are created to rest and nourish, that also connect to the more active living, kitchen and outdoor elements as a push-pull balance is created. Inspired by the fifties era, and a fusion of the typified country and beach-style aesthetic, the result is a series of spaces that feel as though each element has been collected, over many years, layered and woven together on site.

Donaldson’s Road Sees The Growth Of Existing Working Relationship With The Makers Of Polperro Winery
Inspired By The Fifties Era, And A Fusion Of The Typified Country And Beach Style Aesthetic

Bringing together a palette of earthy greens, yellows and rusted red and ochres, the utilisation of terrazzo and raw materiality brings an earth-ed quality. Envisioned as both a summer and winter destination, the relaxed relatability of the familiar is carried through to the select furniture, objects, styling and artwork. Through the same eclectic lens, mixing vintage, era-specific and modern elements, texture and curiosity is openly welcomed, adding an enveloping warmth.

It Conjures A Familiar Sense Of Nostalgia, Reawakening Memories Of Yore.
Kitchen And Outdoor Elements As A Push Pull Balance Is Created.
Many Little And Amelie & Franks.
Nestled In Amongst Its Lush Victorian Landscape In Red Hill
The Hero Of The Outdoor (the Family Hearth) Becomes A Moment Unto Itself.
The Result Is A Series Of Spaces That Feel As Though Each Element Has Been Collected
Through Strategic Considered Curation And Styling, The Focus Is On Social Living At Its Core
Throughout The Property, A Series Of Passive Retreat Spaces Are Created To Rest And Nourish, That Also Connect To The More Active Livin
With A Resounding Pull Toward The Living Outdoors Element Inherent In The Non Permanent Home.
Over Many Years, Layered And Woven Together On Site.
Objects, Styling And Artwork.
Envisioned As Both A Summer And Winter Destination, The Relaxed Relatability Of The Familiar Is Carried Through To The Select Furniture

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Published 2 July, 2019
Photography  Shannon McGrath