A Pop of Colour – Fermob

Words by Linus Tan
Photography by Aurelie Lecuyer

For Fermob, “joie de vivre” is more than just an expression – it is an ethos of using colours to bring joy to everyday living. This French furniture company not only manufactures furniture in vibrant colours that enliven the outdoors, but the pieces are also sturdy and timeless, thanks to their UV-resistant paint technology.

Fermob is well known for its distinctive colours, put together by a multi-disciplinary team of designers and production experts. While each colour stands out, it also blends harmoniously into the rest of Fermob’s colour range. After switching to powder painting technology in 1996, Fermob has continued to experiment with different colour combinations in-house and has implemented a zero-waste painting line, demonstrating its commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices.

With up to 24 colours available, ranging from storm grey to pink praline, there is a colour for everyone and every space.

With up to 24 colours available, ranging from Storm Grey to Pink Praline, there is a colour for everyone and every space. Even so, Fermob continues to update its colour chart every year, releasing new colours in harmony with the existing colour range and often pushing boundaries  by releasing new colours not yet seen before in outdoor furniture. These distinctive hues represent innovation in the use of colour in design, yet each creation is designed with the rest of the colours in mind, ensuring that any new addition will blend seamlessly with the current Fermob collection.

Celebrating 25 years since making the switch to powder painting, Fermob innovates again by introducing Colour trends. So far, it has given us Light and Shade, a combination of dark tones to turn any interior or exterior space into a sophisticated realm. Paired with any lighting accessories, the space instantly exudes a warm and cosy ambience. Even more recent is the Light on Pastel trend, a celebration of fresh and vibrant pastels guaranteed to rejuvenate any area.

A one-of-a-kind pastel green, Opaline Green brings a welcoming pop of colour to any outdoor area, no matter what season.

This year, Fermob has created Opaline Green, a one-of-a-kind pastel green. Used with whites, it creates an inviting space, or mixed with other pastels adds a natural touch. And when combined with dark shades, it livens the mood. Whether used indoors or outdoors, Opaline Green is designed to bring a pop of colour to freshen up any space. Built in the Fermob factory in Thoissey, northeast of Lyon, each product is made from rolling sheet steel, then powder-coated and finally oven-baked. Its 22-stage process, though time-consuming, is still one of the most efficient painting lines in Europe, ensuring a consistent and high-quality application to all its products. Not only are they sturdy to use but they also withstand harsh environments while maintaining their colour vibrancy over time.

With the addition of new, innovative colours to its already diverse colour chart, Fermob is bringing the joy of enduring colour to outdoor and indoor spaces, one vibrant piece of furniture at a time.

To learn more about Opaline Green, Fermob or Colour trends, visit Fermob.