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Responding to the clients’ changed lifestyle, South Yarra Townhouse sees Inarc Architects breathe new life into an existing neo-classical townhouse in Melbourne’s south.

We explore Adam Kane Architects’ Bayside House, where a timeless and robust approach becomes the foundation for its growing young family.

The Bruny Island Hideway by Maguire + Devine Architects is a project modest in stature, but grand in character and connection to its natural environment.

We speak with founding co-director Poppy Taylor of Taylor and Hinds about her practice’s approach to the creation of krakani lumi, its cultural sensitives and integration into its unique landscape.

Blinco Street House facilitates this unique process through the layering of private to social zones leading the journey from solitude to the friendly reacquaintance with a larger community.

Acting as a counterpoint to its original warehouse bones, Darling Lane by Welsh Major Architects is a refined and simplified gesture of amenity in amongst a texturally-complex home.

A heritage semi-detached cottage proved a uniquely challenging yet rewarding project. Originally owned in the 1900s by two brothers who informally founded Australia’s surf lifesaving culture.

We explore Edition Office’s Point Lonsdale house, where a series of vaulted pavilions connect around a central living space, and are aligned to create a linear play on the coastal home aesthetic.

Designing a large family home on a small urban site would usually result in a structure that prioritises indoor over outdoor space, this project takes the opposite approach.

Perched on a hillside, atop the carport of an existing residence, the (Gr)ancillary Dwelling is an alternative to elderly care, an exemplar of intergenerational living.

We explore a well-versed collaboration between Woods Bagot, Hecker Guthrie and Simone Haag, in the form of Tidal Arc and its reinterpretation of the coastal home aesthetic.

A pair of single-storey townhouses take inspiration from the surrounding architectural context to create two sustainable, affordable and well-designed rental homes.

Defined by the interplay of lightness and weight, the Paddington House creates an industrial, urban aesthetic that is unexpectedly resonant with the original Georgian architecture.

Nestled amongst peppermint gums and casuarinas, the Crump Treehouse is an A-frame hideaway designed for the architect’s two boys and their friends.

We explore Austin Maynard Architects’ HOUSE House, where twin original Victorian terraces are connected through a three-story volume to its rear.

We speak with founding director, Christopher Megowan of Megowan Architectural about Pleated House and its play on form, materiality and the traditional roof silhouette.

The Stella Collective on their drive to create projects that instill genuine happiness and their relationship with Artedomus which culminated in a project described as “a love letter”.

JR's Eco Hut designed by Luke Stanley Architects and Anthony Hut Design traverses the many possibilities of remote living and sustainability on an exposed hill-top site of the rural Kimo Estate.

Robert Plumb Build is a premium residential building company based in Sydney. We sit down with Managing Director Bill Clifton as he explains what separates his company from the competition.

Richards and Spence bring a sense of Palm Springs nostalgic grandeur to the centre of Brisbane through their design for Australia’s first urban resort, The Calile.

The Lansdowne Project by Preston Lane Architects plays with volume, geometry and materials to transform a 1920s semi-detached house into a private inward-focused world.

The House in Darlinghurst by Tribe Studio is at once familiar and slightly unsettling, reinterpreting the traditional red brickwork with an extruded glass brick crown atop the heritage building.

On the shores of Bruny Island, an angular black-clad form emerges from the coastal vegetation. The project by Dock 4 Architects is a unique structure, designed as a built tent-like layer.

The Artedomus Expert Series draws upon the wealth of knowledge within the company, delving into the most frequently asked questions on their products and materials.

Bellbird Retreat is Steendyk’s 2019 QLD Architecture Awards entry, seeing inspiration taken from its plentiful bushland surrounds to create a disconnected weekend escape.

We speak with co-founding director, Jonathan James of James Design Studio about Garden House and its Gable-inspired geometries, responding to its modest neighbouring urban fabric.

Australian design-focused furniture brand GlobeWest has released Collections 2019 Volume #02 encompassing seven individual new collections and over 200 new products created to suit any home.

Kieran Meegan and Rickie-lee Robbie of Idle Hands are committed to designing products with creative freedom??. Their Mouse Collection represents a melting pot of passion, freedom and functionality.

We explore Casey Brown’s Hart House in Mackerel, echoing the archetypal Australian one-room beach abode, where the architecture takes on a box-like structure, opening one side to the elements.

A kitchen that challenges all expectations, the space is a haven of tranquility, more a place of quiet retreat than typical busy work zone, finding the balance between minimalism and functionality.

We explore the sleek and industrially-inspired Lighbox commercial project by Clare Cousins. A sense of the minimal, with a controlled restraint come together in a fresh approach to the workspace.

One of the greatest skills an architect can offer to their community is their ability to facilitate the meaningful connection between inhabitants and their environment.

We speak with co-founding director, Anja de Spa from Molecule Studio about Triangle House, and their firms’ approach to challenging inner urban sites.

We speak with founding director, Emlyn Olaver from Olaver Architects about Thornbury House, their firms’ approach to facilitating flexibility in domestic spaces.

Handcrafted by Melbourne artisans, Honey is the next step in the studio’s design journey that sees Coco Flip exploring the potential of materials and organic forms, enlivened by playfulness.

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