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One of the greatest skills an architect can offer to their community is their ability to facilitate the meaningful connection between inhabitants and their environment.

We speak with co-founding director, Anja de Spa from Molecule Studio about Triangle House, and their firms’ approach to challenging inner urban sites.

We speak with founding director, Emlyn Olaver from Olaver Architects about Thornbury House, their firms’ approach to facilitating flexibility in domestic spaces.

Handcrafted by Melbourne artisans, Honey is the next step in the studio’s design journey that sees Coco Flip exploring the potential of materials and organic forms, enlivened by playfulness.

Designer Rugs’ Evolve Awards 2019 are now open. Design professionals are invited to enter the design competition and encouraged to attend the accompanying professional workshop events.

We speak with founding director, Tom Robertson from Tom Robertson Architects about Armadale House, its references to its neighbouring adjacencies and their firms approach to the beautifully simple.

For Melbourne Design Week, New Volumes™ ℅ Artedomus is the subject of a collaboration between Fiona Lynch and Thomas Coward, exploring the ancient history of Artedomus’ Elba™ .

The Challis Avenue Apartment by Retallack Thompson brings the 1930s one-bedroom apartment into its own, revealing the pied-à-terre’s potential, both Art Deco and contemporary.

We speak with co-founding director, Sean Radford of Nobbs Radford Architects about Woollahra House and reinforcing of the existing expansive volumes of the 1860s semi-attached terrace home.

We speak with co-founding director, Steve Koolloos of MCK Architecture and Interiors about Extruded House and its bold and simple formal response to its original federation frontage.

Resident Dog creator, architectural photographer Nicole England reflects on the “overwhelming” response to book, what she learned about photography, and the future of the project.

The Cooggee House II by Madeleine Blanchfield Architects finds creative solutions to the constraints of its narrow, sloping site to create a many-layered family home filled with beautiful details.

We speak with founding directors, Jean-Paul Ghougassian and Gilad Ritz from Ritz and Gougassian about Edsall Street and their firm’s approach to materiality and space.

Born from a desire to support local Australian design, Dessein Furniture is passionate about facilitating new opportunities for established and emerging Australian designers.

The architectural embodiment of a relaxed, elegant coastal lifestyle, the Sorrento home carefully balances luxury and simplicity to create a tranquil retreat.

Elemental House by Ben Callery, an off-grid rural idyll set high on a ridge overlooking the plains, valleys and mountains of north-central Victoria.

Named ‘The Invisible Lodge’ for the regulations which surrounded the design, the Friendly Beaches Lodge is sympathetic with it’s environment.

Innovation, functionality and a touch of class – award-winning designer Carole Whiting uses every ounce of her skill set to bring out the true architectural beauty of an inner-city Melbourne home.

The jewel in the crown of Harry Seidler’s iconic Horizon Tower, the level 40 Penthouse, has hit the market, providing prospective buyers with the chance to own a piece of architectural history.

While modern extensions to heritage homes have become the norm yet, the Pavilion House by Robson Rak is set apart by the design integrity of each volume.

When a home is abandoned, what memories linger in the dusty halls? How do the lives of the family who once lived there and the history of a time now past permeate the architecture?

We speak with founding director, Andrew Benn from Benn and Penna about Twin Peaks and their refreshing and contemporary addition to a modest Sydney cottage.

Arque’s design philosophy is simple - design for the everyday, strive for the extraordinary. We sit down with Emma and Suzanne of Arque to discover how this idea forms the basis of their business.

Since 1985, Neometro has been at the forefront of Melbourne’s housing paradigm shift from a suburban city to one of vibrant, dense urban living.

We explore Modscape’s Sydney Project; a light-filled family home that embraces passive and active design elements and a timeless palette, to sit unobtrusively amongst its Tamarama coastal setting.

We speak with co-founding director, Catherine Downie from Downie North Architects about Skylit House, their firm’s inquisitive approach to domesticity and the opportunist journey.

Lune de Sang Pavilion is the latest of five structures designed by CHROFI Architects as part of a remarkable ongoing project whose vision stretches beyond this lifetime.

On a leafy corner of Napier street, in Melbourne’s bustling northside suburb of Fitzroy sits Ritz&Ghougassian’s masterfully designed Bentwood café.

The Matraville House by Tzannes Architects is a home designed to comfortably accommodate the many generations of one family, while connecting them to the outdoors and each other.

The Light Vault House uses the initial brief for a “concrete bunker” as a launching point from which to explore the vast potential of concrete, challenging the connotations associated with concrete.

We explore Pleysier Perkins’ ‘Eagle’s Nest’ Armadale 4 extension, where the penthouse to an already established industrial residence is created as a timeless and resting recluse.

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