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The Local Project
SUPPORTING & Showcasing The Local Design Community

Set amongst heritage buildings & contributing six venues of leading edge design, Technē have undeniably played a large part in shaping this ‘must-see-laneway'.

OMD recent project, ‘The Vertical Venice’, V.V3, is a triple-stacked modular addition to the rear of her existing 1920’s Californian home.

If Indigo Slam is a project designed from the inside out, it’s sculptural concrete exterior is testimony to the architectural masterpiece that lies within.

In its entirety, Sam’s Avalon home encapsulates her work as a lifestyle photographer.

This unique modular getaway in the Sonoma Mountains, Northern California, was an exacting collaboration between two architects.

Iberia is causing a stir for all the right reasons as it brings Spanish cuisine to the forefront of the ever evolving Adelaide food scene.

Over 60 years later Finn Juhl’s design still feels alive thanks to a unique dynamic quality of his work.

Bjarke Ingels Group, BIG-ster, DJ (Dong-Joo) Kim chats about BIG, her own ideas and how she's making a difference.

Liam Wallis is a creative entrepreneur who believes in the power of design thinking to resolve intuitive solutions to project delivery and value creation.

The genius of Madeleine Blanchfield, of the eponymous architectural studio, is her ability to create spaces that toe the line between characterful and quiet.

Clubhouse is coming to Sydney in August! After huge success in Melbourne, Dowel Jones has partnered with Catapult to bring the entire show to Sydney.

A 3-day celebration of Australian design set to prove that design is not something just for a small niche of the elite, but is in fact something for everyone.

After relocating from the US, Jess Eddy found solace in the calm and community of coastal Australia.

Wingnut & Co, run by Asuka Mew and Anna Miller-Yeaman, is a pottery workshop and showroom in a quiet street of North Melbourne.

Next generation Asian cuisine is unveiled as three young restaurateurs look back at their food heritage, and add ironic touches to a very Melbourne menu.

In this crazy world, we are craving the locality of the familiar, the comfort of the context from which we know; we want the nostalgia of that ‘local’ feeling.

David McLeod, visual artist and multidisciplinary illustrator, shows us his studio space in Manhattan. Words by Ashley Gladwish.

How do you fit a fully functioning retail outlet into a space 4m wide where no alteration to the existing building is possible & every surface must be left?