Habitats: City, Coast and Forest. A collectable trio of hardcover books. Now available to pre-order.
Habitats: City, Coast and Forest. Pre-order now.


City, Coast and Forest

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A collectable trio of hardcover books – now available to pre-order.

Habitats: City, Coast and Forest
July 2024
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Embark on a journey through the heartlands of design, where the alchemy of environment and imagination converges to shape the most exquisite of homes. From sun-drenched coastlines to mist-shrouded forests, explore how each locale whispers its own narrative into the structures that rise from its soil.

Spanning 600+ pages of lush prose and sumptuous visuals, this trio of hardcover books features 30 extraordinary homes from across Australia, New Zealand, North America and Canada. The latest addition to The Local Project's collection of timeless publications masterfully captures the work of industry-leading design practices, including Smart Design Studio, Wardle, James Stockwell, Olson Kundig, Fearon Hay, Aires Mateus, Rob Mills Architecture & Interiors, Faulkner Architects and Atelier L’Abri.

Each volume is a testament to a deeply considered form of architectural expression that goes beyond mere shelter, creating a harmonious extension of the habitat itself.
$199.95 + Shipping


Habitats – City celebrates metropolitan living and explores how the intimate embrace of urban jungles fosters innovation in compact spaces. Highlighting 10 remarkable dwellings, this book celebrates the ingenuity and creativity of inner-city architecture. Sleek urban dwellings give way to sprawling waterfront views, from Sydney's iconic harbour to Melbourne's vibrant suburbs. These homes not only push the boundaries of design and materiality; form intertwines with function and seamlessly blends the excitement of city life with personal tranquility.


Habitats – Coast traverses prized shores, evoking reverence for nature's majesty and the captivating beauty of oceanfront living. This book features 10 stunning coastal homes that balance solitude with a connection to the elements, aesthetic appeal with the practicalities of seaside living. The meeting place between sea and sky offers a timeless allure, but with it comes isolation, erosion and a need to feel sheltered. Each project featured welcomes the outdoors in while also prioritising durability and thoughtful design that harmonises with the landscape.


Habitats – Forest speaks to the sense of peace and awe one feels living amid nature. This volume showcases 10 breathtaking homes that embody the concept of forest bathing, where architecture draws in natural light, open air and verdant views to immerse occupants in their lush surroundings. The highlighted projects were guided by a connection to country, respect for scenic magnitude and the evergreen appeal of the natural environment.
Inside City

Lavender Bay House
Tobias Partners

Positioned along the North Shore, with Sydney’s key icons in plain view, Lavender Bay House by Tobias Partners is a timeless home that takes cues from the harbour and city beyond.

Stokes 14
Smart Design Studio

Designed and built with innovation and efficiency in mind while also changing the perception of city living, Smart wanted to repeat this approach with his new home and design studio, Stokes 14, by further pushing the envelope.

Luna House
Leeton Pointon Architects

A home of unexpected encounters – surprising curves combine with an abundance of greenery, dramatic colours and contrasting textures.

Tomich House
Mark Jeavons Architect

The striking white, curvilinear house that makes extensive use of concrete blocks is one of only a handful of Iwanoff’s buildings with State Heritage listing and has recently emerged from a four-year renovation.

Eastop Architects

Sculpted by the constraints of its tight site in Melbourne’s Windsor, Eastbourne is an introspective home that skilfully balances privacy and connection.

Hidden Garden House

As its name rightfully suggests, Hidden Garden House is the ultimate oasis, drawing from Japanese design principles to prioritise the garden at every turn.
Inside Coast

Bilgola Beach House
Olson Kundig

Nestled amid breathtaking surrounds, Bilgola Beach House respectfully navigates the lush landscape as a series of volumes that embrace the natural context.

Fairhaven Beach House

Designed and built more than a decade ago, Fairhaven Beach House by Wardle is an exercise in controlled and uncontrolled perspective.

Patterson Associates

The single spectator of a tiny South Pacific cove nestled into a rocky escarpment, Seascape is a house that seeks to become part of the landscape itself.

Cove House

Boldly contemporary in form, Cove House by Alwill simultaneously embraces its exposed harbourside locale and bunkers down to form a private family home.

Mori House
Aires Mateus

“Architecture is an incomplete art, only finished by the life that fills it,” says Portuguese architect Manuel Aires Mateus. This sentiment carries weight at Mori House, the coastal home he designed with Melbourne-based firm MA+Co for Jeff Provan, director of Neometro, and his wife Mariko Mori Provan in Mount Martha, Victoria.

Te Arai Beach House
Fearon Hay

Set between the forest and the ocean, Te Arai Beach House manifests as a contemporary cabin in the woods. But what appears to be a defined, unambiguous form is revealed to be more complex.
Inside Forest

Federal House
Edition Office

Edition Office’s Federal House facilitates a rare co-habitation with the forested landscape and represents a dynamic balance of modern architecture and the purity of nature.

Toolern Vale
Paul Couch

Cocooned by gum trees, Toolern Vale sits within the Macedon Ranges locale as if it were always there, untouched and grounded in permanence.

Kawakawa House
Herbst Architects

Along the rugged coastline of Auckland at the base of a mountain slope lies Kawakawa House, a breathtaking dwelling that seamlessly interweaves with the untamed natural beauty of its surroundings.

Daylesford Longhouse
Partners Hill

As a farm, household, cooking school, event site and guesthouse built on the unceded lands of the Dja Dja Wurrung people of the Kulin nation, Daylesford Longhouse’s diaphanous yet resilient superstructure is driven by protective manoeuvres, deductive reasoning and disciplinary knowledge.

Lookout House
Faulkner Architects

As the name suggests, the setting of Lookout House is integral to its identity. This reference is, however, less about the exceptional vistas and the home’s siting at the base of Lookout Mountain and perhaps more telling of how the 20-degree slope and dual aspect – to the peak above and valley below – has shaped the dwelling’s structure and, in turn, the experience of this piece of architecture.

Little Crabtree Cabin
Craig McCarter

Little Crabtree is a home deeply immersed in its natural surroundings and possesses unquantifiable magic and charm. A self-build born from the passion of its owner Craig McCarter, it sits nestled in the rolling hills and rivulet of Tasmania’s Crabtree.
Principal Partners
Gold Partners
Silver Partners
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