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The Canvas Chair 0252[31194]
Ditzel Lounge 190[31190]
Great Dane hosts Scandinavian Stories, an annual design talk following the Stockholm Furniture Fair exploring the current Scandinavian design landscape.
Wellnessandwellbeing Ilsecrawford Filmstills 23 Min Scaled
Wellnessandwellbeing Ilsecrawford Filmstills 16 Scaled
As part of VOLA’s series of short films focused on architecture and design, founding director of StudioIlse Ilse Crawford speaks to the importance of design as an expression of our innate values.
Tlp Nz2030 Clare Hopkins Clarke And Wowowa 03
Tlp Nz2030 Clare Hopkins Clarke And Wowowa 06
The NZ2030 Declaration sees ClareHopkinsClarke and WOWOWA join the business world’s largest group-action, together with more than 500 other B Corporations, committing to net zero carbon emissions.
Ngv Archcom 280 Edit Web
Ngv Architecture Commission 20191114 Dsc3680
The winning work for the NGV’s 2019 Architecture Commission by Yhonnie Scarce and Edition Office, In Absence, will take people’s breath away as it opens to the public in the Grollo Equiset Garden.
Tlp Lyons House Museum James Richardson Furniture 12
Tlp Lyons House Museum James Richardson Furniture 19
Celebrating the recent major extension to the Lyon Housemuseum, James Richardson Furniture invited close clients and friends to indulge in a night filled with inspiration, art and architecture.
52222684be Sowatt Rover Team Table Plywood Workstation Photography Nicgossage 34
522232ae9e Sowatt Rover Team Table Plywood Workstation Photography Nicgossage 42
Emerging Sydney based design studio So Watt has won the 2020 German Design Award for its Rover Team Table after being nominated by the German Design Council.
Pyongyang Metro #1
Opening of 28th of November, Photographer Dave Kulesza’s ‘DPRK: North Korea in Colour’ exhibition represents the culmination of a three-year fascination with the brutalist architecture of North Korea.
Designer Rugs Evolve Awards 2019 71
Designer Rugs Evolve Awards 2019 89
The Evolve Awards were established by Designer Rugs in 2010, driven by the desire to showcase the potential of custom rug design to the design community.
Trevor Mein Saturdaythreetwentyfour2011. Entrecote By Flack Studio. Photographed By Brooke Holm 3
While the subject matter of Trevor Mein’s architectural photography is firmly grounded in the earth, project, stratosphere, looks to the skies. stratosphere is exhibited at Otomys Contemporary, from O
Unma8736 Farnsworth 45721 01
Unma8736 Farnsworth 45912 02 2
Renowned Melbourne photographer Derek Swalwell documents two of the world’s most iconic examples of mid-century modernist architecture Farnsworth + Miller.
Newmarket Store 4 Min
Newmarket Store 7 Min
The Newmarket store is an extension of Kowtow’s customer focus and branding touchpoints which continues to explore an atmosphere of simplicity and warmth.
Tlp New Zealand Architecture & Interior Design 2
Tlp New Zealand Architecture & Interior Design 7
The Local Project is embarking on an exciting new chapter, now covering New Zealand architecture and design.
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