Hello, You – AvanTech You by Hettich

Words by James Lyall Smith

Of the many elements that go into the creation of a beautiful architectural space, the components that make up the storage are often the least celebrated. Hettich – one of the world’s leading producers of cabinet hardware and furniture fittings – is the exception to this rule, with the AvanTech YOU flexible custom drawer system offering unparalleled levels of customisation while shining a new light, literally and figuratively, on innovative storage solutions.

In keeping with the pronoun at the end of its title, the AvanTech YOU has been designed with the individual firmly front of mind. With the simple click of a button, design profiles, available in a wide range of finishes and materials, and DesignCapes, also offered in a variety of materials and colours, create an accentuated visual transformation, responsive to and indicative of the user’s personal sense of style.

Further accentuating the concept of ‘customisation made easy’, AvanTech YOU inlays and interior organisation systems deliver another level of personalisation. The perfect accompaniment to the platform, the comprehensive range of interior organisers, including low maintenance plastic cutlery trays and exclusive modular systems, ensure that order is achieved with maximum ease and elegance.

Emphasising the design ingenuity at the heart of the AvanTech YOU platform, the illumination design profile helps shine a light on the entire concept. Winner of the prestigious Interzum Award in 2021 and a worthy recipient of a Red Dot Award in 2022, The AvanTech YOU signature lighting profile creates a design statement through integrated LED lighting that complements the sleek design and clean lines of the entire platform.

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Whether featured in the kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom, the AvanTech YOU platform offers users the ultimate in design freedom, combined with refined ergonomic innovation. While places of storage are inherently designed to be hidden from view, Hettich proves that truly remarkable design can be found in the most unexpected of places.