Boffi Studio Melbourne Launches in Collingwood

Words by Rose Onans

The first Melbourne Boffi | De Padova Studio has launched in Collingwood, transforming a former gospel hall into a peaceful space that not only showcases a curated selection of furniture and kitchen and bathroom systems but crafts an experience of tranquility and refinement.

The renowned Italian design studio was originally introduced to Australia by interior architect Edwina Withers, who in 2013 established Boffi Studio Sydney. Roberto Gavazzi, Boffi | De Padova CEO says, “We are proud to partner with Edwina and launch our second dedicated Boffi Studio in Australia. Through the people I have met during my time in Australia, I can see that Melbourne is a place where design and innovation is deeply understood and so we anticipate a great meeting of creative minds.”

The renowned European brand specialise in made-in-Italy high-end kitchens, bathrooms, systems and furniture.

Collingwood was selected for its distinct “Melbourne feel” and its position as a hub of design and culture within the city. Tucked away to one side of Smith Street, the former gospel hall’s architectural details, including the soaring pressed metal ceiling, have been retained, respectfully engaging with the history of the building and the past of the surrounding urban context. The all-white space creates a serene environment in which to display a curated selection the brand’s distinct product ranges – Boffi kitchens, bathrooms and systems, De Padova furniture, MA/U Studio systems and furniture and the recently-acquired AOL specialised partition systems.

Speaking at the launch event, Roberto Gavazzi reflected on the decision to deliberately curate and display a certain percentage of products, rather than a wider range. He explained the vision for the Melbourne studio to exist not as a traditional shop but as a place whose purpose is to create an emotional connection with those who visit. In this way, Boffi Studio Melbourne exemplifies the raison d’être of interior design more broadly – to evoke a response and, in doing so, create connection between people and spaces.

The Collingwood launch marks the second Boffi | De Padova Studio in Australia, with the Sydney showroom established in 2013.
Boffi Studio Melbourne Launches In Collingwood 14
The new Collingwood studio showcases Boffi kitchen systems.