Kitchen Perfection - Fisher & Paykel's New Black Kitchen Suite
The Fisher & Paykel Series

Photography Derek Swalwell & Shannon McGrath
Words Rose Onans
The Black Range Consists Of The 60cm Built In Oven, The Black Glass Ceramic Cooktop Available In Gas, Electric And Induc

Fisher & Paykel has drawn on insights from architects and designers about the changing nature of the contemporary kitchen in the development of their new black appliances, introducing a new level of design freedom.

The contemporary kitchen has become a progressively more integrated part of the home as a whole, no longer simply a functional zone separated from the living and entertaining spaces. As kitchens become seamless extensions of the wider living space, and a social gathering place in their own right, architects and designers have created increasingly refined and considered kitchens that harmonise with the overall design intent of the architecture and interior.

The Fridge Features Activesmart Technology That Adapts To Daily Use, Adjusting Temperature, Humidity And Airflow To Keep
The black appliances are minimalist and contemporary.
With A New Range Of Black Appliances Designed To Match, Fisher & Paykel Has Drawn On Insights From Architects And Design
Black appliances harmonise with the functional and aesthetic design intent of the kitchen as a key social space within the home, as seen here in the Connect Six project by Whiting Architects. Photo by Shannon McGrath.

A 60cm built-in oven, glass ceramic cooktop available in gas, electric and induction, French-door stainless-steel refrigerator, classic cooker, and stainless steel DishDrawer are now all available in black. These black products harness the versatility of black, which can either act as a bold statement or visually recede depending on the design context. In this way, Fisher & Paykel’s black appliances offers a far greater level of flexibility that allows designers to work with, rather than around, the appliances. The black appliances, thus, become a design statement in their own right, while also providing high-performance functionality.

Whether blending seamlessly with dark cabinetry or standing as a minimalist contrast with a pale timber kitchen, the black built-in oven emphasises a considered approach to design. On close inspection, the oven exhibits subtle layers of detail and texture. The brushing and fine machining of the dials make every touchpoint beautiful to use, while the display is almost invisible until it is brought to life with understated lighting at the touch of a dial.

The Apartment Sits Atop Her Interior Design Practice, And Thus There Was Also An Awareness That The Design Needed To Rep
Black ovens and the black glass cooktop featured in designer Carole Whiting’s kitchen. Photo by Shannon McGrath.

Meanwhile, in contrast to the minimalism of the built-in black oven, the robust form of the black classic cooker makes a strong monochromatic statement in the kitchen. While it is inspired by heritage styling and the traditional range cooker, the black classic cooker delivers the latest in cooking technology befitting the contemporary kitchen.

The black built-in oven emphasises a considered approach to design.

Where architects and designers previously resorted to integrating refrigerators and dishwashers into the cabinetry to hide them from view, the black refrigerator and DishDrawer achieve a balance that is subtle without being hidden. Both the black refrigerator and the black Dishdrawer employ black EZKleen stainless steel with black handles, the materiality of the appliances enabling them to become key pieces in the kitchen.

A Variety Of Sizes And Configurations Deliver Greater Freedom And Functionality, While The Option Of Gas, Induction Or E
The black stainless steel double DishDrawer seamlessly integrates with dark cabinetry or creates a bold statement against a white or pale timber kitchen.
Responding To The Changing Nature Of The Contemporary Kitchen, Fisher & Paykel Has Combined The Functionality And Techno
The double DishDrawer also offers superior flexibility, with the option to use both drawers independently.

The fridge features ActiveSmart technology that adapts to daily use, adjusting temperature, humidity and airflow to keep food fresher for longer. The DishDrawer exemplifies a similarly high level of functionality, with the double drawers able to be used together on different wash cycles or one at a time.

Finally, the black glass ceramic cooktop is minimalist and contemporary, designed to create a seamless aesthetic in the kitchen. A variety of sizes and configurations deliver greater freedom and functionality, while the option of gas, induction or electric suit any cooking preference.

Responding to the changing nature of the contemporary kitchen, Fisher & Paykel has combined the functionality and technological innovation for which they have become renowned with the new black facades that give architects and designers greater freedom than ever before. As such, each of these appliances represents the next step in Fisher & Paykel’s quest for kitchen perfection.

As Kitchens Become Seamless Extensions Of The Wider Living Space, And A Social Gathering Place In Their Own Right, Archi
This Suite Of Black Products Harnesses The Versatility Of Black, Which Can Either Act As A Bold Statement Or Visually Re
Pentagon House by FMD Architects. Photo by Derek Swalwell.
Finally, The Black Glass Ceramic Cooktop Is Minimalist And Contemporary, Designed To Create A Seamless Aesthetic In The
The Dishdrawer Exemplifies A Similarly High Level Of Functionality, With The Double Drawers Able To Be Used Together On
The Contemporary Kitchen Has Become A Progressively More Integrated Part Of The Home As A Whole, No Longer Simply A Func
Photo by Shannon McGrath.
Published 13 June, 2019
Photography  Derek Swalwell & Shannon McGrath
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