Sustainability Meets Comfort – IN BED

Words by Sarah Sivaraman
Photography by Terence Chin and Sean Fennessy
Styling by Andrea Moore

When our values are enacted daily, they become intrinsic in everything we do. With comfort, community and sustainability at the heart of IN BED, these values manifest in lifestyle products that effuse absolute cosiness.

Established in 2013, IN BED is led by Directors Pip Vassett and Eddie Arnott. At its inception, the brand sought to offer thoughtfully made, quality pieces that were accessible and authentic – a vision that holds true to this day. “I wanted to create a home textiles brand that created beautiful, well-made products but that also spoke to me and that I had a connection with,” Pip explains. “Something that had a certain warmth to it and that stood for something, a brand that people could connect with and trust.” The brand’s flagship store – which opened in Paddington, Sydney, in 2018 – delivers on this warmth and connection. The space is light filled and homely with soft edges and gentle tones, the ideal setting to encounter IN BED products.

I wanted to create a home textiles brand that created beautiful, well-made products but that also spoke to me and that I had a connection with,” Pip explains.

Committed to encouraging positive change, IN BED is an exemplar of sustainable practice. Yet Pip shares that the brand is “constantly learning and adapting. The more you delve into it, the more you realise there’s just so much more that can be done no matter what business you’re in.” The company engages with thoroughly vetted suppliers, which are certified to uphold sound environmental and social practices. Fostering a sense of openness and trust, IN BED is refreshingly transparent with customers. Details around suppliers, materials, certifications, packaging, circularity and inclusion are shared on its website, as well as initiatives that are currently in progress, such as working towards becoming B-Corp Certified in 2021.

In response to the textile industry’s immense contribution to landfill, the brand created a closed loop initiative called Back IN BED, whereby pre-loved IN BED products no longer in use are collected and recycled. “We also measure, reduce and offset carbon created by our store and HQ and are in the process of doing this for our full supply chain,” says Pip. “A big undertaking, but a really important goal of ours.” Such ambitious goals are reflective of an authentic and holistic approach to sustainability – every detail, right down to the recycled cotton tag, is considered.

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IN BED has cultivated a strong community of creatives and customers alike. From the makers championed in store, such as Henry Wilson, Gidon Bing and Malfatti Glass, to the individuals and their homes featured in the IN BED Journal, the brand connects its customers with inspiration and celebrates the beauty of everyday domestic life. As Pip explains it, “we care about the product we’re making, the content we’re creating, the impact and connection we’re having with our team and our broader community.”

This sentiment will carry across to IN BED’s newest flagship store, designed by Flack Studio and set to open in November this year on High Street in Armadale, Melbourne. The tactile nature of IN BED products, coupled with the importance of community connection, keeps bricks and mortar stores at the heart of the brand’s operation. IN BED will also expand to reach the British and American markets through a partnership with MR PORTER that will launch this December.

Spurred on by altruistic values and a strong community spirit, IN BED works tirelessly to create authentic and timeless products for every home.