A Natural Connection – Introducing Xylem by Adam Goodrum for Tait

Words by James Lyall Smith
Photography by Haydn Cattach
Tait Xylem By Adam Goodrum Issue 09 Commercial Print Feature The Local Project Image 15

Named after the life-giving vascular tissue found within plants, the Xylem collection, designed by prolific industrial designer Adam Goodrum for renowned Australian outdoor furniture brand Tait, is a premium solution for incorporating innovative biophilic design within the urban realm.

Much like the series of vital elements for which it was named, Xylem is a system of modular structures that strive to intimately connect people to the health-promoting benefits of plant-life, in the process establishing a conduit between humanity and nature, even within the most urban of environments. “Xylem is a response to the importance of biophilic design in the workplace,” states Adam Goodrum. “It aims to effortlessly integrate greenery and seating into any outdoor setting.”

The miraculous ingenuity that is inherent to all natural life on planet Earth is mirrored in the innovative flexibility developed by the Xylem collection. Owing to its buildable modular design, Xylem can be infinitely added to, creating an adaptability to suit multiple applications, component configurations and powder- coated colour customisations. “Xylem can branch out like a root system, form a cluster, become circular or snake along in a single line for narrower spaces,” explains Susan Tait, Creative Director of Tait.

The ethos of connectiveness that is at the core of the Xylem collection is reinforced through flexible planting and seating modules that can be configured to establish an increased connection between co-workers or, should the mood strike, facilitate moments of reflective solitude within newly established natural surroundings. Armrest and backrest components can also be added, further demonstrating the Xylem collection’s ability to suit any project or space.

Xylem’s chameleon-like design finds relevance across almost all applications of use, providing each space with endless configurations. The planters can be set up as a self-watering wicking plate, mulch plate or pod timber lid, the last of which allows for the transformation of the planter into an informal stool, side table or coffee table.

Akin to the unconquerable strength of the Australian environment in design and function, the Xylem collection is comprised of high-quality product materials, including anticorrosive aluminium, sustainable FSC©-sourced spotted gum timber and a bevy of Australian-landscape inspired textured powder coat colours.

Derived from the intrinsic importance of bringing biophilic design into the urban environment, Xylem represents a truly innovative modular planting and seating system, with a premium design and adaptable nature that allows it to seamlessly suit any workplace, commercial or urban application.