Wonder and Contentment – Lucy Folk William Street by Tamsin Johnson

Words by Millie Thwaites
Photography by Andy Gough & Monique Robinson
Interior Design by Tamsin Johnson

Designed by Tamsin Johnson, Lucy Folk’s new store on William Street in Paddington is a textural celebration of craft. Inspired by the Medina of Marrakech and expressing the recognisable and richly detailed warmth of the Lucy Folk brand, the new store encourages moments of wonder and contentment.

There’s an endearing tactility to the experience of this space. Each surface has been considered – from the hand-painted wood burl motif floor to the Tuareg mats lining the ceiling and the textural Venetian plaster walls applied by hand. This is a subtle nod to Lucy Folk’s Bondi store PLAYA, also designed in collaboration with Tamsin, which features the same wall treatment but in pink instead of soft ecru. The changing rooms feature castellation detailing realised in Lucy Folk fabric and American oak, while bronze hardware created by the company’s Head of Jewellery Design, Craig Spark, contributes a contrasting robustness.

This charming store in Paddington is a celebration of craft. Each corner has been doused with a generous dose of Tamsin’s eclectic aesthetic and Lucy Folk’s endearing brand, from the hand-painted wood burl motif floor to the textural Venetian plaster walls applied by hand.

Clothing and accessories are artfully displayed; these pieces are as central to the store’s identity as the interior and are housed within sculptural handmade joinery by Byron Bay artist Lex Williams. Lastly, custom ceramic stacked funnel lights by ceramicist and Head of Brand Ben Mazey are an ethereal and earthy complement to the overall aesthetic, not to mention another elevated detail to appreciate as you meander through the store.

A dedicated salon upstairs, complete with French brutalist chairs, caters to bespoke jewellery appointments. Downstairs, a sunny courtyard at the back of the store is a place for repose; visitors are invited to flick through a book or enjoy a cool drink. A joyful collaboration between Lucy Folk and Tamsin Johnson, this store promises to be a sensual sanctuary for shoppers and design admirers alike.