Featured Rigg Design Prize Series

The Installation Sees A Multitude Of Layers Of Symbolism.
Physically Represented In A Golden Hue, There Is A Clear And Purposeful Underlying Domestic Life.
We explore Flack Studio’s critical and thought-provoking approach to their Rigg Design Prize entry ‘We’ve Boundless Plains to Share’, pondering notions of opulence and acceptance.
Amber Road Is Blurring The Lines Between The Indoor And Outdoor Design Principles.
The Essence Of Take It Outside Is As A Domestic Space ‘pregnant With Possibility.
We explore Amber Road’s multi-sensory approach to their Rigg Design Prize entry ‘Take it Outside’, exploring the transition between the interconnectedness of indoor and outdoor living spaces.
Rigg Prize Winner The Table By Hecker Guthrie. Local Design & Interiors.
Hecker Guthrie’s Response Is Multi Layered, Yet Somehow The Clarity In Its Execution Is So Clear
We explore Hecker Guthrie’s beautifully articulated deconstruction of ‘The Table’, the winning entry for the Rigg Design Prize, exploring the unassuming domestic totem that binds and connects us.