An Introduction
Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Photography Nathan Ominski
Spacial Series by Nathan Ominski - Header Image

Much like what we say to one another, our actions are built on the foundation of the kinds of stories we want to tell the world. Stories which encapsulate an experience of how we want to or want someone else to feel. The way we do this is everything from the words we use, clothes we wear, jobs we do, and spaces we create etc.

While clothing trends come and go, and language is an ever changing distortion of letters (LOL), the built environment fluently tends to become a concretised memory based on its experiential impact. It’s easier to remember the general location of a 16 year old self as opposed to apparel or what was said. Spaces and places are boldly retained as memorable moments which are used as a tool of inspiration to story-tell a world through space. This is a world not based on a story of things but a story of experiences

All good things we build, end up building us.

– Jim Rohn

Everyone has a story which they articulate through the concrete realities they create. Each episode of Spacial endeavours to tell the tales of how local people, designers and developers think about and communicate through the design of the built environment.

Whats in store:

  • How you can create a home that is both functional and inspiring?
  • What can architectural thinking do in life and business?
  • How can my life change through changing my environment?
  • How do you want to feel from a space?
Published 3 May, 2017
Photography  Nathan Ominski
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