Strong Design Narratives – The Modular Puffalo Lounging Collection by Didier
Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Through the release of his Puffalo Modular Lounging, Ross Didier reaffirms himself as one of Australia’s most interesting and versatile designers.

Ross Didier has always approached furniture design from the perspective of engineering art. His work is underpinned by a strong philosophy that manufacturing, ideas and design are intertwined and must be embraced together from concept to creation. Didier’s latest release, Puffalo, is a modular lounging collection that celebrates relaxation.

Puffalo captures the freedom found in indulgent lounging and may remind us of easy-going Sunday afternoons spent lazing on couches, flicking idly through a pile of magazines, a classic movie on the television, or a vinyl spinning on the record player. The relaxed yet surprisingly formal aesthetic produced by the Puffalo was devised by Ross as the love child of an iconic Moncler parka and a Jaguar E-Type, inviting you to collapse onto the lounge and perhaps feel yourself entering slow motion.

“I wanted to produce a modular lounge in its truest spirit that captured a design narrative I’ve been working on for a number of years,” explains Ross. “I liked the idea of having a slow and sensuous mood to the range, using only premium-quality materials to create a voluptuous feeling of billowing cushions on the floor.”

“The generous proportions of the lounge played a big role in governing the form until I was able to achieve the perfect seating height,” he expands. “The slouch-like appearance of the Puffalo invites you to lounge whilst retaining a certain formality.” Ross’s emphasis on the earthy colours of the piece also serves to create an overall calming effect. “There is certain artistry in combining colours and a particular sophistication to make them work in one composition,” he says. “I want people to enjoy each of the individual modules, and let each piece speak multiple languages whilst expressing its unique personality through the colours.”

Puffalo includes 20 different seating modules that join together into landscaped interiors and can be played with, experimented, arranged and created into boundless configurations. Puffalo is designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia using FSC-certified timber frames with steel springs for superior longevity. The premium graded foams are all Green Star-rated and topped in memory foam to offer luxurious support. Complementing loose cushions are offered in three sizes and filled with 100% washed and sterilised duck feather for the ultimate relaxed feel. Each lounge module can be upholstered with a wide selection of specified fabrics and leathers.

Through his Puffalo collection, Ross Didier has proven once again why he is one of Australia’s most interesting and versatile designers. In a slight departure from previous collections, Ross has designed each piece of the Puffalo lounging in their purest of forms, with the ability to be adapted for commercial use with a smaller footprint at a later date.

But for Ross, the greatest level of satisfaction has been generated by the simple fact that this collection is a true representation of what he considers the Didier ethos. “Puffalo lounging has an easy and sensuous form. It has elongated proportions and the design feels like it captures those long, languorous weekends that drift into all sorts tales and mischief. I feel these pieces represent the true spirit of the Didier voice and for this reason Puffalo will always be very personal to me,” he reflects.

Ross Didier Puffalo Modular Lounge 01
Published 10 October, 2019
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