Siding with Ensemble – The New Sideboards Range from Ensemble

Words by Jackson Hides
Photography by Peter Tarasiuk
Styling by Bea Lambos

Since launching earlier this year with a range of aptly coined ‘wall furniture’, Ensemble is building on its success with a new collection of sideboards. This latest offering exemplifies the qualities with which Ensemble has quickly become synonymous: products made and designed in Melbourne, with all-Australian materials and collaborators, available in an array of colours and customisable via a sophisticated online modelling system.

Explaining the decision to venture into the sideboard category, General Manager Nick Acquroff says that “we created a range of sideboards because we love how versatile they are. You can have one at the front door to put your keys in or hang your jackets over. One in the living room as your entertainment piece. Downstairs, upstairs, they can all serve different purposes.” This versatility becomes apparent within the collection itself. The sideboards are available in two models – high and slim – and then each of these are available in four sizes ranging from 1.8 metres to 3.6 metres in length. Ensemble will also do custom projects and sizing for a small design fee.

The materials chosen throughout the sideboard collection champion Australian manufacturers.

With this latest collection, Ensemble has leaned into its industry connections to offer five curated styles, all of which celebrate Australian makers and culture. The collection was designed in-house by Ensemble Head of Design Tom Orr, with colour input from Silvie Goetz and custom routed door profiles designed by Silvie and Ryan Carl, an USA-based graphic designer. Paints were sourced by Porter’s Paints, whilst leather handles from MadeMeasure, brass and bronze hardware from Lo & Co, veneers from Farmers Doors and melamines from polytec give credence to Ensemble’s passion for Australian suppliers and Australian made products.

The inventively named After Dark, Australia Modern, Beach Shack, Cool Calm and Pop! hint at their Australian materials and the environments with which Ensemble feels they are best suited. For an additional fee, custom sizing and colours are also available. The transparent pricing model introduced alongside the Ensemble business has carried through to this collection and remains a key proposition

The sideboards are available in both slim and high configurations, each of which are available in fourth lengths ranging from 1.8 to 3.6 metres.

With a lead time of just four weeks, Nick feels confident that the new sideboard range complements Ensemble’s existing product offering. “With international supply chains so off lately, we think this is a great way for Australians to renovate in weeks, not months,” he explains. “There’s now an Ensemble piece for every room in every Australian home. We really wanted to make Ensemble an end-to-end concept. You can renovate your entire place with us, and you know you’re getting something made locally, by real people who know Australian living.” As for what is next for Ensemble, Nick remains tight-lipped, but suggests that any and all of vanities, new desks, hutches and a range of accessories are being considered. One thing is for sure – whatever is in store for Ensemble, Australian manufacturing and transparent pricing will remain at the heart of it.