Richard Stampton Architects

Bush Camp 1

South East VIC, Australia

James Lyall Smith

  • South East VIC, Australia
Lead Architect
  • Richard Stampton
Project Year
  • 2016
  • Rory Gardiner
  • South East Victoria

Bush Camp 1 is the innovative camping solution designed to respect & heighten the beautiful Australian natural environment.

In essence Bush Camp 1 by Richard Stampton Architects are innovative camping facilities that float above the ground. The tents were designed by the studio to respect the fragile Australian landscape.

Bush Camp 1 features strong geometric forms designed to reinforce the public’s overall understanding of nature and the impact of humanity upon it.

Bush camp 1 is lightweight in design, operable in nature and temporary in the locality. The Bush Camp 1 is redefining the age old past time of camping throughout the Australian bush.

This project reinforces RSA’s commitment to reconciling the lack of meaningful connection to, and understanding of, Australian indigenous cultures.

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