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The 2018 National Architecture Conference edge will look at responses to issues such as climate and cultural changes both within Australia & overseas.

Two days discussing how to build smart cities with urban planning technologies, how to strive for innovation with business solutions that connect people.

A conference that discusses the increasing demands for air quality and comfort and sustainability within the practice of architecture and design.

Be a part of the pitching process for community-led projects striving to redesign and activate the Yarra’s inner-city reaches.

Author Mark Pimlott discusses public interiors and their ability to affect and condition consciousness and behaviour, our relations to others and to authority.

An investigation into the ways we work, the communities we work with and the spaces we choose to work in. How are collaborative practices evolving our spaces?

The panel will explore whether a new ownership framework could be the answer to affordable housing. It uses the Brunswick’s Nightingale development as example.

Digital architect designer Paul Loh and four thought leaders explore art, design and architecture within the themes of movement, change, virtual, body and time.

The Australian Institute of Architects welcomes Gretel Bakker, MD of Performance Frontiers to talk about building and nurturing leadership in architecture firms

Join Melbourne Architours as they guide you along a journey of our city's architecture and landscapes through the lens of sustainability

Presented as part of Queer Some Space, the panel will discuss inclusivity in architecture and design and normalising the self as aided by the built environment.

Visit Australia’s first curtain-wall high-rise of the 50s, see the International Style of the 60s and the Brutalism of the 70s on this one hour walk

A discussion with industry leaders focusing on architecture as a multi-disciplinary and collaborative profession

Design, architecture and medicine collide to look beyond functional approaches to consider health and wellbeing.

Explore architecture as a storyteller at community levels — considering diverse cultural, LGBTQIA+, gender-nonconforming and age-inclusive narratives.

John Denton, one of the founders of Denton Corker Marshall, known for their international architecture and design practices, discuss architecture as land art.

A 2-hour walk to explore Sydney's best domestic architecture from the 1950's to today including houses by architects Neville Gruzman, Bruce Rickard, Sydney Anch

Get inspired to generate innovative solutions for Australian Architecture – that uses bushfire as a catalyst for creativity.

In conjunction with the Asia Pacific Architecture Forum 2018, architect Kevin O'Brien will discuss QAGOMA's newly reopened Australian Collection.

The AIA will present the building that illustrates the ability to use steel to achieve a striking architectural outcome for an intriguing purpose.