Research Week: Linking Architecture
16 October, 2018
Bond University, QLD, Australia


Research Week 2018 | Linking Architecture, Built Environment and Heritage

How can cultural heritage be understood in the planning, designing and development of built environment, both current and future practice?

As society progresses towards sustainable local, national and international communities it is imperative that heritage knowledge plays a vital role in shaping the future.

In simple terms, heritage is integral to all aspects of the built and natural environment, be it architecture, design, planning and development as well as environmental science or construction management.

It represents our shared experiences and provides an opportunity for people to learn through history as well as understanding the values of place, building, site or monument.

This workshop provides an opportunity for practitioners in the architecture, built environment and heritage field to discuss the contribution of heritage as a core in the understanding of sustainable architecture and built environment.

Date and time: Tuesday 16 October 2018, 10:00 am – 12:30 pm AEST

Location: Bond University, Building 3A, Living Lab, 14 University Drive, Robina, QLD 4226, Australia

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9.30am-10.00am Registration | Arrival Tea and Coffee

10am-10.20am – Workshop introduction

Brief background about Bond University School of Architecture and Built Environment

Introduce Speaker and Panel Members

10.20am-10.40am- Presentation

PNG Traditional Architecture (PhD candidate Ms Rosemary Rusch)

10.40am -11am Workshop (guest speaker)

Addresses how cultural heritage assets should be understood in the planning, designing and development of built environment, both current and future practice

11am-12pm Discussion (all participants)

Linking architecture, built environment and heritage

12pm-12.20pm Closing remarks (Dr Daniel O’Hare)

cultural landscape and urban planning


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