We Are Triibe

Aje Perth

Claremont, WA, Australia

James Lyall Smith

Project Type
  • Commercial Hospitality
  • Claremont, WA, Australia
Interior Designers
  • 72.2m2
Project Year
  • 2018
  • Dion Robeson
Project Team
  • Jessica Stewart
  • Christina Symes
  • Emily Gillis
  • Claremont, VIC, Australia

Aje Perth by Sydney based design studio We Are Triibe is a commercial interior design project located in the Perth suburb of Claremont.

The store sits inside Claremont Quarter, a shopping mall in Perth. Aje’s signature subtle, natural material palette is emphasised in this project. The store is laden with ceramic tiles on a focal column and POS. Travertine adorns the flooring and walls, along with heavily draped curtains and rendered accents. The store is a buffet of tactile materials, all creating a beautiful layered design.

Aje required a design that unified with their other stores, whilst still having it’s own unique identity. Sitting within a high-end shopping centre set the tone for the store’s personality, whereby the design was to allure customers into a unique and sensory driven retail experience through the use of opulent materials. This is manifested throughout with ceramic tiles cladding a feature column and POS, travertine adorning the flooring and walls, along with lavish draped curtains and rendered accents. There is an emphasis on layering with texture and tone, whilst keeping the colour palette very neutral.

There was a meticulous selection of materials and the way in which they are used is unique and varied throughout the store. For example, travertine was used in sheets across the store floor and façade entry wall. It was also used to create the custom solid travertine shelving unit and features as an accent on the POS. The wall sheeting faced it’s own difficulties as the weight of the stone needed to be reinforced with steel.

There were challenges faced on the project due to the store having a shopping centre base build. The large existing column in the store was an early obstacle for We Are Triibe to integrate into the design. They approached this challenge by cladding it in Japanese ceramic tiles and wrapping a bench seat around it, to create a moment of reprieve from the bustling shopping centre. This obstacle resulted in the column becoming a central feature for the space.

The ceramic tiles were also applied to the face of the POS unit which created a textured uniformity in the store. This unit needed to encourage circulation, therefore space was integrated under the counter for product to sit so it became a piece of joinery that people interacted with.

Another feature were the arched change rooms, with inclined ceilings drawing the line of vision into them. A luxurious, draped curtain adorns the back of the change rooms for added textural layering against the concrete render.

Aje Perth had an extensive amount of detailed joinery and a well-considered material selection at every turn, which aimed to promote a luxurious and alluring shopping experience for customers.

For this project We Are Triibe was able to design a unique space for the Aje Perth store, in the process making it a genuine stand out amongst the sensory overload that is shopping within Perth’s Claremont Quarter.

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