PDV Office
Preston, VIC, Australia

Photography Jack Lovel
Project Specification
Project Name: PDV Office
Project Type: Commercial Office ,
Location: Preston, VIC, Australia
Project Year: 2016 ,
Photographer: Jack Lovel
Architects: Architecton ,
Location: Preston, VIC, Australia ,

A stylish modern office fit out that combines architecture and art for an emerging company in the inner city Melbourne suburb of Preston.

The brief for the PDV Offcie by Architecton called for a sleek and sophisticated fitout, achieved with the use of dark colombo marble, rich timber, tanned upholstery and natural lighting. The final design truly complemented the business aspirations of the client.

Achieved With The Use Of Dark Colombo Marble, Rich Timber, Tanned Upholstery And Natural Lighting.

The office conveys a ‘New York Loft’ feel by utilizing full height steel framed doors and dark timber panelled ceiling, creating a dramatic entrance. The entrance way is often the defining factor of an office design. The client wanted to create a welcoming yet sophisticated atmosphere from the first moment you step inside.

The Entrance Is Extremley Dramatic With Dark Undertones

Sculptures by Den Holm and greenery in the breakout space offset the dark tones and create visual interest. The sculptures are a mix of art and furniture focusing heavily on texture and form. The designs are free from restrictions, merging the traditional craftsmanship with the experimental nature of textile and embroidery.

Sculptures By Den Holm And Greenery In The Breakout Space Offset The Dark Tones And Create Visual Interest.

In keeping with the rest of the office, the bathroom space – often the scene of serious business deals – evokes an ominous tone through the use of dark tiles and marble. The all black aesthetic is broken only briefly by the pure white basin.

The Office Conveys A ‘new York Loft’ Feel By Utilizing Full Height Steel Framed Doors And Dark Timber Panelled Ceiling.

The PDV Office project by Architecton is their finest example of commercial architecture to date. Architecton have used architecture and design to not only transform a commercial space, but an entire business in the process.

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Published 14 December, 2018
Photography  Jack Lovel
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