Andrew Burges Architects
Surry Hills, NSW, Australia

Local Australian Design & Architecture. Aba Plywood Homes And Modern Designs

Andrew Burges Architects is a design-focused studio practice with expertise in civic and public buildings, master planning, multi-residential housing and single residential dwellings.

Underlying the work of Andrew Burges Architects is a belief in architecture as a creative form of geography making, with each project carefully developed in response to the physical and cultural characteristics of its setting. The studio aspires to a model of creativity that is open and collaborative, working with clients, consultants and staff to foster an intelligent engagement with the circumstances of each site and brief rather than the repetition of a signature style.

The team at Andrew Burges Architects are committed to architectural excellence at all phases of the design and construction process, maintaining a focus on inventive strategies and carefully considered problem-solving from first sketches through to the approval, documentation and construction phase of projects. Their methodology involves rigorous testing and research of ideas. They develop innovative concepts through urban analysis, material studies, historical research, and an iterative process of model making and three dimensional studies.

A feature of the Andrew Burges Architects approach is their commitment to physical models as a resource for testing ideas at all phases of a project’s development. Through their design process of model making they test early concepts, siting and contextual relationships, interior spatial qualities and foresee material junctions as they work towards a project’s detailed resolution. The studio believes that their models help clients and consultants to gain a clear understanding of a project’s organising principles, aiding the project review, co-ordination and sign-off process.

Through clear communication of their design objectives and considered analysis of local impacts they have a proven track record of negotiating challenging and innovative designs through the local government approval process.

Andrew Burges Architects are experienced in working with sensitive sites and existing buildings, receiving several awards for work renewing heritage structures. The practice is international in outlook and composition, with a historical understanding of relevant architectural precedents and approaches drawn from architectural culture globally. Their work has been exhibited both locally and internationally, received architecture awards and several short listings in the Australian Institute of Architects awards process.

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