Ash Allen
Furniture & Lighting Design
Melbourne, VIC, Australia

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Ash Allen graduated from a combined Bachelor Engineering (Mech) and Bachelor of Arts with Honours from the University of Melbourne in 1996. While he continues his education, currently enrolled in Associate Degree of Furniture Design from RMIT, he also maintains a design practice rooted in sustainability.

Ash Allen’s original, concept-based work is engineered to have a minimal eco footprint, which is complemented by the ‘heirloom’ quality of many of his pieces, removing any perception of designed obsolescence.

Wherever possible, Ash Allen uses sustainable, recycled and recyclable materials, designed for disassembly. His intuitive elegance and simplicity is inspired by natural phenomena and his design ethos reflects this.

Ash believes the heart of the creative process stems from meaningful play—whether that is through making time explore novel ideas or simply engaging with his four children. For him, creating is an innate and enriching experience but to minimise our footprint, must be undertaken the utmost reasoning – whether that is exploring a uncertainties, touching emotions, or just wanting to discover something new.

Ash Allen’s locally designed and made products can be purchased on The Local Project’s Marketplace which showcases and promotes the very best in local Australian furniture and product design. Ash Allen’s products can also be viewed at the Catapult Design showroom located in Pyrmont, Sydney.

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