Carter Williamson Architects

Summer Hill, NSW, Australia

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Carter Williamson Architects is a multiple award-winning  design studio with a strong commitment to rigorous, beautiful and robust architecture.

The studio was founded on a strong belief that design quality can make a real difference to the way we live, work and move through our world.

Their architecture is playful, clever, crafted and thoughtful; responsive to client and brief and a joy to be in.

Carter Williamson Architects relish the opportunity and challenge of working across a wide range of projects and scales, from public and commercial, residential to multi-residential, and everything in between.

They believe that the interior environment has the potential to be extraordinary and should fill us with joy and curiosity; that architecture should allow us to feel safe and secure, confident and expressive, quiet and reflective; that good architecture should make our lives better.


Featured Projects

As the name suggests the Peekaboo House by Carter Williamson Architects brings a sense of playfullness to the inner-city Sydney suburb of Balmain.

Screen House by Carter Williamson Architects represents the transformation of an eclectic mix of random spaces into a beautiful family sanctuary.

The Cowshed House by Carter Williamson Architects brings a sense of country living to the inner-city hipster suburb of Glebe.

Our Favourites

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