Cumulus Studio
Architecture & Interior Design
Hobart, TAS, Australia

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Cumulus Studio is an award winning architecture and interior design practice with offices in Hobart, Launceston and Melbourne. The three offices operate as one combined studio, providing flexibility in the size and scope of work undertaken and ensuring a cohesive and collaborative approach to all projects.

The studio consists of 21 designers, including 15 registered architects and 2 interior designers, and specialises in tourism, residential, commercial, heritage, urban design and interior architecture.

Cumulus also regularly collaborates with a number of external specialist consultants from across Australia for the co-ordination of a broader range of services from feasibility studies and brand management through to contract administration and post occupancy evaluation.

Cumulus Studio formed out of a desire to investigate ideas collaboratively and an understanding that great ideas are developed through sharing and workshopping with others.

From the Latin word for ‘heap’ or ‘pile’, Cumulus believe that through working together a critical mass of ideas can be accumulated quickly – forming idea clouds. These ideas can take on any size or form and be manipulated to suit conditions.

Collaboration is more often discussed than it is practised. It is their experience that, like a good conversation or delicious recipe, the result of mixing good ingredients is often greater than any one of the individual components.

Through workshopping and discussions they are able to generate shared inputs on aspects of budget, program, site, the environment, marketing & brand advice, specialist information, feasibility, people, financial return, user requirements and time-frame. During this process Cumulus also examines how to value add to the project by interrogating the brief, analysing precedents and looking for efficiencies and value for money. All of these ingredients are then refined into a design while strategically working through issues with the client and relevant stakeholders.

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